Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Project 333 Week 3

Number of outfits this week:
4 work outfits, 2 casual outfits


Sorry for another quick post, I'm finding I took on a little much this month !

Project 333 is very doable when it's clothing only. I definetly want to do this again, but with shoes included next time. I added my 33rd item this week even though I only have used about 2/3 of my items. I needed another pair of jeans- I only had one pair and they got wet and had to change.

I've finally put away the clothing not in my capsule and feel less tempted to wear them. Again, I've only worn about 2/3 of my items which really shows that 33 pieces (when not counting layering camis or coats) is plenty for me.

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  1. My "off-duty" clothes are packed away in tubs when I'm not using them. After a year and a half, I'm phasing out of strictly 33 items, and trying to reduce my overall wardrobe substantially. Baby steps. My Minimalists Game helps, though! I found including shoes to be challenging and a relief. It's weird to think I simultaneously live with and enjoy having about 40 pairs of shoes, but can comfortably go about two months on 6-8 pairs. I guess it sort of makes sense. 7 x 6 rounds would be 42 pairs. Some are 'use most of the time' (certain sandals in the summer; low booties in the fall and winter) pairs, and some are 'only rarely' pairs (fancy heels, serious hiking boots, etc). I probably wear about half of what I have pretty regularly, and the rest is dress up, dress down, or specialty.