Monday, September 15, 2014

Project 333

I've decided to start Project 333. Project 333 is a minimalist fashion challenge, where you create a capsule wardrobe for a season. I feel ready. It's taken me a long time to get to this place, and I'm excited to finally give it a go. I always felt that I couldn't do this before, but something clicked in my head over the weekend and I'm raring to go!

The Rules:

33 items
This can be just clothing or all inclusive, it's up to you. I'm likely going to stick to just clothing for this round. You can lower or raise the limit according to your needs, and if something is in your capsule but isn't working out it can be swapped.
3 months
This, again, is flexible. You can run this as short or as long as you want to. I'm likely going to stick it for 2 or 2 1/2 months since I'm starting late.
No shopping
Generally, the rule is no shopping during Project 333. This is flexible depending on your needs, but generally if you do shop you either can't wear it until the time is up, or you have to swap something in your capsule for the new item. I am excited about the shopping restriction. I have not purchased anything since 9/9 and I plan on keeping it that way for quite a while.
You don't have to count underclothing or lounge/workout clothing, as long as it is clothing that you only wear for those functions. Some project 333-ers also don't count outerwear, particularly when the weather requires several items.

My wardrobe is not minimal, as it currently stands after MANY purges and additions this month I have 141 items total of clothing, shoes, and accessories. I could do project 333 for a year, start with a new capsule of 33 each season with no carry-overs, and still have untouched/leftover items. I don't think I NEED all of this stuff, and I'm going to prove it to myself. I also need to stem the tide of new purchases, so again project 333 will be serving me well.

I'm going to take it slow and make my choices over the next week or two before I officially 'start'. I'll post about my selection process and my final capsule. The end date will be November 30st, 2014 (updated from December 31st, since I am bad at counting). I think I'll do a weekly Project 333 update to share how it goes and any insights I gain.

Next year, I want to do the 5-Piece French Wardrobe shopping strategy (purchase no more than 5 items a season), and one day I want to do a round of the 10-Piece French Wardrobe minimalist wardrobe challenge (10 core stand-alone tops and bottoms + layering pieces, toppers, and accessories for 2 seasons) which usually totals to around 40 or so items for 6 months. I'm not sure I'll ever get to exactly 10, but I'm excited to where this will bring me.

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