Friday, September 19, 2014

Shopping Review Jan-June

These are the purchases/additions I made from January to June and how they are working out for me so far: Please see my initial review here (items January - April). I'll do a follow up post with the items purchased July-current in early October.

Total: 25 items (January-June)

Wardrobe Workhorses: 9 items
Colorblock Purse- $69.36
This was a true need and is used daily. It was purchased in April and replaced my falling apart bag and looks nice against my clothing. The purse filled a need and is extremely functional, worth the purchase price. I do want to get another purse next year, but higher quality. I'm already at pennies per wear with this.
Geometric Tie-Neck Blouse- $40.85
This blouse is fabulous. That's all I really need to say! I've worn it 12 times so far since March and still expect to wear it often! This was truly worth purchasing.
Reversible Earrings- $21.50
These earrings have already worn their keep at 19 times worn since March. They were well worth purchasing.
Black Pumps- $46.71
These poor pumps will probably get worn into the ground prematurely. So far I've worn them 52 times since January! More than worth what they cost- pennies per wear and still going strong.

Low Pointy Toe Heels, $49.99
I bought these in May and have worn them 19 times already. Great investment and I really like these.
Chain Neck Tunic Top, $83.60
This top is gorgeous, purchased in May. I paid full price, something I NEVER do. I have worn this top 11 times already. It's now too cool for this top but I expect it to get a lot of wear next spring/summer.
Skinny Jeans, $38
I bought these jeans in May and have since practically lived in them. They've been worn 26 times already-I think that alone says enough about these! Favorite jeans, best fit, EVER!
Cobalt Ankle Pants, $55.58
I have worn these 8 times since purchasing them in May. While it's too cool to wear these now, 8 times is a pretty good number and I'm sure they'll get more wear next spring.summer.
Gold Motif Earrings, $19.00
I bought these earrings in May and have worn them 28 times already. LOVE them. Another purchase that's pennies on the dollar cost-per-wear.

Benchwarmers (worn less than 8 times) but 'home-runs': 2

Tweed Dress, - $60.80 plus $15 tailoring
This is the best dress I have ever owned! I've worn it only twice since I bought it in May. This dress will work in all four seasons but I prefer wearing dresses with tights so I expect it to get much more wear in the colder months. This dress IMO is worth much more than what I paid. I expect this dress to get worn very frequently now that I can wear tights again, instead of worrying about my super white legs that get ugly bruises often from my clumsiness.
Printed Embellished Cardigan- $46.66
I have worn this cardigan 5 times since I purchased it in May. I really adore this cardigan and forsee me wearing it for many years to come. I think this hasn't gotten a ton of wear yet because I have so many cardigans, and so few appropriate tops to pair it with.

Bench-warmers and never worn items: 6 items
Jade Faux-Leather Jacket- $37.41
This jacket fits perfect- even the sleeves are the right length. The color is great, and it works with my black clothing, something I didn't like with my almost identical burgundy jacket. It's only been worn 4 times (purchased in March). I expect to start wearing it again next January. I think the only 'problem' with this jacket is that I have two of these in this style which splits my wears a bit.
Black Leather Jacket- $357.05
This jacket is super beautiful. I imagined it an investment piece and a real 'foundation piece' for my style. It was purchased in March and has been worn 4 times. I really like this jacket but in reality I should have waited for sale, but I was afraid of missing out. I didn't need a jacket that was this expensive and I hope I learned my lesson. I've worn this jacket only 4 times, but the weather has not been right for it and I do expect it to see more wear.
Colorblock Skirt- $75.34
I bought this skirt in March and have worn it only 4 times. I love the color and bold contrast, but it's a bit snug-fitting to wear bare legged. I expect to want to wear it more often in cold weather- I prefer tights as stated above.
Printed Cardigan- $41.78
I purchased this cardigan in May and have worn this 6 times so far. It's a very pretty cardigan but it might just be too busy for me. Again, I'll try this in the spring and see if it works
Rhinestone Necklace, $9.80
I purchased this necklace in May and have worn it 6 times so far. It's really pretty but has looked 'off' in the last few outfits I have worn it with. I need to try this another couple times before deciding on it.
Coral Print Dress- $66.49, Tailoring $15
I bought this dress in June and have not worn it. Originally I expected to wear it to a wedding, which turned out to be VERY casual and I wore something else instead. I want to get a light denim jacket to wear with this and dress it down. The weather for this dress is over, and I only had about 6 weeks of the right weather so I'm holding on to this dress for next year. I really love how it looks on me.

On The Fence: 5 items
Black Ruffle Blouse- $37.99
This was a basic I really needed. It cost $37.99 and has been worn 12 times since March. The ruffle bothers me because I find it bulky and hard to pair with toppers, and none of the 12 outfits I wore with this top were really a '9' or '10'. I'll try this again next spring, and if it doesn't work out I am purging it.
Geometric Flats- $29.22
These flats are a replacement for the black flats I wore into the ground. I have worn them 12 times since May. Next time I'd rather a more subtle print though, they're harder to pair with other prints. I also need to pay attention to the fabric- this fabric is really porous and gets dirty quickly, so it looks like the print starts out black and white and fades into black and brown!
Striped Knit Top- $59.28
I bought this top in May and have worn it 8 times. It never really flattered me, much as I like the look of it. I'm strongly considering purging it but will likely wait for spring before deciding- it does look good under a jacket or cardigan, just not alone.
Printed Ruffle Cami, $22.80
I've worn this camisole 7 times since May. This camisole has a beautiful print, but again the ruffle in the front makes this top a difficult to layer it or pair with other things. I will not wear this one alone, I don't like how it looks alone and it's a bit too snug which was a mistake when I purchased it.
Mint and Rhinestone Necklace- $9.80
I bought this neat looking necklace in May, but only have worn it 3 times. I'm going to try it another time or two before deciding its fate.

Purged: 3 items (2 didn't 'count')
Aqua Bubble Necklace- Free
This necklace was a gift I accepted from a dear friend in January. It's pretty and a great color for me, and I loved how it looked. The problem- it didn't work with the neckline of anything I own! I purged this item and didn't count it.

Tiny mint earrings (similar, not exact)- Free
These came as a 'free' gift with a jewelry order in May. They were much too small to be visible in my long curly hair and were purged.

Dusky Blue V-Neck Dress- $97
This beautiful dress was purchased in January and only worn twice. I washed it on delicate, dried it on delicate, and ruined the dress completely. The entire dress shrunk a size- except the lining inside it. $97 in the trash!
Coral Bib Necklace- $28.12
This necklace was purchased in May. It's very pretty but I had trouble pairing it with my clothing. I ended up purging it after discovering in my outfit journal how much I disliked pairing it with print- and the only things it 'went' with were printed since I did not like it against white, black, or blue. This was worn 5 times.
Rhinestone Necklace, $9.80
This necklace was a silly duplicate item I bought in May. I never needed it, I just bought it because if I bought 3 things I would get a 'free' item and free shipping- the free item was the one I purged (above). I like rhinestone necklaces and thought that if one was good, then 3 was better! This got 5 wears before purging but was splitting the wears of the other rhinestone necklace listed above. This one was bigger and harder to pair with my wardrobe than the other one.

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