Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Possibilities- Project 333 Curation

While attempting to decide what to include in my Project 333, I decided to go through my closet and separate out all my things that are only really appropriate for Spring and Summer. I was surprised how many there were- I never really knew! I always thought I wore pretty much everything all the time, but my analysis proved me wrong. Out of 77 clothing items total, I removed:

8 Tops- 9 are left
2 Jackets- 6 are left
2 Work Dresses- 4 are left
0 Skirts- 5 are left
2 Work Pants- 7 are left
0 Casual Pants- 4 are left
0 Sweaters- 4 are left
2 Cardigans- 9 are left

Total of 16 items removed with 48 items left to choose from.

There also were 4 special occasion dresses (1 is season-inappropriate that also got put away), 5 camis,  and 3 coats left. I'm likely to leave these as items that don't count, here is my thinking:

Special occasions: I do not know what occasions will come up, I have no dates for any holiday parties yet. I wear my special occasion items so infrequently that I'm not willing to 'make do' with anything that would be in my capsule, and I don't want to waste any items on something I don't know I'll wear.

Camisoles: I do not wear these as outer clothing, ever. They're more like underwear and therefore should be in that category.

Coats: The weather will shift wildly over the next 3 months- from mildly chilly/rainy to full out snowstorms. I'm not ready to sacrifice as many capsule items as I need to in order to cover my weather needs, because I need at least 2 of the three. Maybe next project 333, but I want to go easy on my first one.

So, I still have 48 items left. I need to choose only 33 of them, which will be hard because I've already purged ruthlessly and am mostly left with things I really enjoy. If I include shoes, then I have to choose even fewer! I know at this point I will not include accessories like my purse (every day wear) or jewelry or belts. I have a lot of work to do!

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