Thursday, September 4, 2014

Updated Wardrobe Count

 It's been a long while since I've given you all an update on the state of affairs with my wardrobe. This is up to date, including some purges I did last night and some purchases during the labor day sale. 

Edited because I made some mistakes in my count!

The Count

Blazers and Jackets- 7 (added 2)

I have a classic black blazer, a dark grey shrunken blazer, a kelly green lightweight blazer, a purple-burgundy jacket, and leather/faux leather jackets in dark teal, burgundy-brown, and black.

Work Dresses- 6 (added 2, purged 2)
I have sheath dresses in black, cobalt blue, white&tweed, a blue cowl neck jersey dress, a coral printed and a polka dot printed dot halter sundress.

Fancy Dresses- 5 (added 1)
I have a red lace sheath dress, a sequin mini dress, a bodycon tiered emerald dress, a tiered black dress with beaded accents, and an ikat printed sheath dress that's too short for work but is really nice for summer weddings/formal.

Skirts- 5 (added 1)
I have a teal pencil skirt, a black ruffle back high-waist pencil skirt, a black and white colorblock pencil skirt, a watercolor floral, and a leopard printed full/a-line skirt. 

Work Trousers- 9 total (added 2, purged 4)

High heels length- 5 (added 1)
I have a dark grey pinstripe, thick wool herringbone, black slim fit trousers, mid-grey wider striped flare trousers, and light grey wide trousers.

Mid heels length- 3 (purged 1)
Cobalt blue, chocolate brown, and greyish-tan colored trousers.

Flats length- 1 (added 1, purged 3)
Cobalt ankle pants.

Casual pants- 4 (added 1, downgraded 2, purged 1)
Dark grey bootcut jeans, dark denim skinnies, mid blue skinnies, and denim trousers.

Tops- 16 (downgraded 1 to maternity wear, put 6 in the sell pile, added 6)

Work- 10 (purged 3, added 2)
White ruffle blouse, white ruffle tiered tank, geometric print black and white tie neck, black and white polka dot print tie neck, black ruffled blouse, black slim tiered tank, coral printed tank, cobalt flutter sleeve top, cobalt print cami top, blue and white striped top, leopard print hi-lo top, and a burgundy scroll print top.

Work/Casual- 2 (purged 1)
White peasant blouse, green chain print peplum top.

Casual- 1 (purged 3, added 1)
Black empire waist flutter sleeve tunic top.

Sweaters-4 (purged 2)
Black, red surplice, white boatneck, purple cowl neck sweaters.

Camis and Tanks- 6 (no change)
White, black, purple, teal lace v-neck camis, white tank, purple lace straight cami.

Cardigans- 13 (added 6, purged 2)
teal, fuchsia, watercolor print, burgundy, red, black sparkle, black blue-gray and white leopard print, purple, black and white geo print, cobalt print, grey print, simple black, and a white cardigan.

Coats- 3 (added 1, purged 1)
Teal, dark grey winter coats, and 1 blue lightweight trench.

Shoes- 16 (let go of 5, added 3)

Flats- 3 (trashed 2, added 1)
1 purple leopard, 1 black geometric print, 1 tan print flat.

Mid heel- 3 (added 2)
Green wedges, tan pointy toe heels, red pointy toe heels.

High heel- 5 (purged 3)
Black pumps, burgundy pumps,  green pumps, black sandals, white&gold sandals.

Boots- 5 (purged 1, added 1)
Brown winter boots, black winter boots, black leather boots, brown leather boots, tan booties.

Necklaces- 25 (added 6, purged 8, had miscounted by 1 last time)

Bracelets- 10 (same)

Earrings- 14 (added 2 let go of 11, had miscounted by 2 last time)

Belts- 4 (purged 3)

Scarves- 1 (purged 2)
Black ombre winter scarf.

Hats-1 winter hat (same)

Bags-1 (same)

Outdoor clothing and shoes (doesn't 'count'):  10
Navy print tank, green ruffle tank, burgundy ruffle henley tee, black oversized tee, coral ruffle tank, blue hoody,  bootcut jeans, ripped dark denim jeggings, sneakers and flip flops.

Pajamas (doesn't 'count'):  26
Black capris, blue shorts, and pink shorts. Blue, grey, berry, neon pink, purple, and dark pink tees. Purple cami. Green, black, purple, pink tanks. 2 blue sweaters. 2 giveaway tees. 3 fuzzy pants, velvet leggings, one workout pant and two lightweight pants. One pair of slippers and one robe.


My current count is 77 pieces of clothing including coats, so I have overall have reduced by 1 item after purges and purchases.

I'm now at 72 
accessories, so I reduced the number by 17 since last time. My entire inventory is 149.


I've come a long way from where I once was. At one point last year, I owned approximately 261 items of clothing alone (again, not counting the same items in the categories I don't count today such as pajamas)! Today I only own 30% of the clothing I did a year ago. Accessories are in a similar boat- I owned probably 100-150 more items then than I do now (I never did a formal count).

There is still room to purge here, as mind-boggling as that is. While I am not ready to cut all the excess- particularly when something fits, flatters, and is already hanging in my closet- there are things that I do not love but am working up to emotionally be able to part with them. There are a few things I will want to replace as well in the future. I talked recently about having a goal of 132 items or less total- while I am close to that number, there are still things I want to add to my wardrobe. I may not reach 132 or less soon, but over time I think I will achieve a very workable albeit smaller wardrobe, because as things wear out I will be very careful about replacing only what I really want or need.

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