Friday, October 24, 2014

Project 333 Week 5-7

Somewhere in the last couple weeks I kind of gave up on P333. Here are my reasons why:

-I've been ill twice, then my daughter got an ear infection. My laundry caught up to me. I could have worn something else (skirt or dress instead of pants for example) but I did not.

-I've made several swaps over the last few weeks for weather. It's a slippery slope at best.

-I wanted to wear what I felt inspired to wear, regardless if it was in my P333 or not. In particular my red sweater and a pair of pinstripe gray pants that are nearly duplicates of my wider ones- they're just slimmer and fit a higher heel.

-I broke P333 and purchased new clothing that I wanted to wear immediately.

In the end, P333 isn't right for me based on NUMBERS. The concept- curating carefully your seasonal wardrobe with both eyes on the goal of minimalism- is just right for me. I don't know if there IS a right set number for me. I know I've been getting closer to where I want to be but feel that other than minor purging and purchasing I'm done with major wardrobe changes.

I broke my resolve and shopped

I stopped shopping for over 30 days! I had little desire to shop and felt empowered! Then, I recieved a $50 rewards card last week that expired quickly, and I went shopping. I went overboard when I saw that many of my wishlist items had been cut to clearance  (more on that later) but the damage wasn't unrepairable. I was surprised how quickly I went into a tailspin once I shopped, though. I launched into my old habits almost before I could say 'shop'.

The best thing is that not shopping really cleared my mind and I was able to choose pieces that really worked for me! I'm getting back on the wagon with not shopping, though everything I've ordered has not yet arrived. I'm still waiting for some jewelry and an exchange. The one item I spent the reward on is too big!

I ordered and kept a pair of earrings, a beautiful printed wrap dress, a needed red tank, and a great pair of nearly black skinny jeans
The earrings really work with everything. They're a perfect hint of sparkle and mix well with many of my things.
The wrap dress makes me feel AMAZING. I am sure it will be worn over and over again, in many situations. It's a 100 on a 10 point scale. If I cold get away with wearing it every day, I would. And to top it off- it's completely different from my other dresses, in color, in that it's a print, and mostly because of the silouhette.
The jeans were sorely needed- I'm likely to prematurely wear out my mid-blue skinnies, I wear them 3 times a week at least! The color was too 'summary' and these new solid dark jeans are their perfect swap for the season.
This red tank was sorely needed. I dislike layering contrasting camisoles under solids, and it matches my red sweater perfectly. As a plus, it also works perfectly with the wrap dress as the pattern has hints of red as well as purple, black, and white.

I think these items are what shopping should be like- sparse, and only for things truly needed and loved. 4 items each month is too much still, but these items really are some missing links for me and I would ideally not get anything again for a few months. I did overshop again, and I'll post the full story as usual on my budget post along with purges, etc. but I had to share!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Project 333 Week 4

Number of outfits this week:
4 work outfits, 3 casual outfits


I had my first swaps during week 4. I purged my burgundy sleeveless top (worn once or twice but was very unhappy in it) and replaced it with my burgundy print tank. I also swapped out my white cardigan (unworn- too summery) for my black, white, and tan printed cardigan, and swapped out my black dress (unworn) and brought in my burgundy cardigan.

I still feel like I need more options that what I have in my capsule. In particular, I feel I need to buy more tops. I also keep wanting to wear my burgundy sweater and teal jacket, which were not included in my capsule. I also sent two tops to the tailors this week (my leopard print top which has a snap in the front that got pulled out and I asked to add a second snap, and my burgundy print blouse that was too blousy- I had the sides slimmed). Not having them made me feel like I had even less options.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Minimalist Game Week 2

I decided to play a minimalist game this month. The game is to purge a minimum of the same number of items per day that the day of the month is (October 1- purge 1 thing, October 31- purge 31 things). So the goal is to reduce my possessions by 496 items or more this month. I added another goal to the list- to put away or find new homes for the same number of items that are adding clutter to my life.

De-clutter Week 1 Total: 13 items (Goal: 10 items)
Purge Week 1 Total: 19 items (Goal: 10 items)

De-clutter Week 2 Total: 194 items (Goal: 56 items)
Purge Week 2 Total: 99 items (Goal: 56 items)

Day 5- Put away two stuffed animals, fabric tape measure, and can of wasp spray (wrong rooms), a small jar, and removed 5 dishes from my child's toy box (10 items). Donated one stuffed animal and 3 old pajama tops, purged 1 necklace (5 items).

Day 6- Returned 2 bags of baby clothing,  a ball, a stuffed animal, a dvd, and 3 glass jars to their respective owners. Put charger and aux cable back in the car (10 items). Gave away two stuffies, a basket, and two new unopened bottles of baby lotion. Purged a ruined book (6 items).

Day 7- Put away 7 medicines, 2 packets of batteries (9 items). 5 toys tossed, 5 donated (10 items).

Day 8- Trashed ruined laptop bag, ruined hairbow, expired teething tablets, deconstructed 3 boxes that up until now had toys, books, or even recycling on them. Donated 14 books, trashed 5 ruined ones (25 items). Picked up/put away many hair ties on dresser (countred as 1) 1 box of books, reorganized bookshelf (counted as 1), returned 5 jewelry items to their proper place (87 items).

Day 9- Donated 3 stuffed animals. Purged expired or stale food: 2 boxes of cereal, 3 jars of protein powders, 2 boxes of very old pancake mix (10 items).

Day 10- Purged 1 top and 1 skirt. Discarded old container and 5 expired cough syrups/meds, 1 old used up eyebrow pencil and 1 old mascara (10 items). Reorganized bathroom with new storage containers (78 items).

Day 11- Donated large bag of stuffed animals (33 items).

Friday, October 3, 2014

September Wardrobe Wear

Since January 6th, I've been tracking what I wear. My goal is to wear everything I own (except specific formal wear) a minimum of 10x this year or purge it. Days that I don't leave my house are spent in lounge-wear, which doesn't count.

 'Green' items have been worn 10+ times so far, 'blue' are on track with 6-9 wears so far, 'yellow' items have been worn 1-5 times, and 'red' items have not been worn yet.

This is my progress so far (ending October 3rd):

Tops: I have worn 16 of the 17. 7 are in the green, 3 are blue, and 6 are in the yellow and 1 in the red. Most worn item is my cream ruffled blouse at 36x. Average Wears: 9 per item

Sweaters: All 4 have been worn. 1 is in the blue, 3 in the yellow. Average Wears: 5

Jackets/Blazers: I've worn 7 of the 8. 3 are in the blue, 4 are in the yellow, 1 is in red. My grey ruffle-back blazer has the most wears at 9x. Average Wears: 5

Cardigans: I've worn all 11. 4 are in the green, 1 is in the blue, and the rest are in the yellow. My teal cardigan has the most wear at 17x. Average Wears: 7

Camisoles and tanks: I've worn all 5, with 3 in the green, 1 in blue, and 1 in the yellow. Most worn is my white cami at 31x. Average Wears: 17

Pants: I've worn all 11. 5 are in the green,  6 are in the blue. My Rerock skinny jeans have the most wear at 37x. Average Wears: 15

Skirts: I've worn 4 of the 5. 1 is in blue and the rest are in the yellow with 1 in the red. Average Wears: 4

Dresses: So far I've worn 6 out of 11. 1 is in the blue, 5 are in the yellow, leaving 5 in the red. Average Wears: 2

Necklaces: I have worn 18 of the 20.  6 are in the green, 2 are in the blue, 9 are in yellow, and 2 are in the red. My delicate heart necklace has been worn the most at 19x. Average Wears: 7

Bracelets: I have worn all 4. 2 are in the green, 1 in blue, and 1 in yellow. My silver cuff bracelet has been worn 14x. Average Wears: 10

Earrings: I've worn all 12. 8 are in the green, 2 are in blue, and 2 are in yellow.  My gold floral earrings have been worn 32x. Average Wears: 16

Belts: I have worn all 4, all in yellow. Average Wears: 2

Scarves: all fashion scarves were purged

Coats &; Outerwear: My new trench has been worn 25 times. My tan flats have been worn for commute 105x, my new leopard flats have been worn for commute 30x. Winter wear is all the same it was.

Shoes: I've worn 14 of the 15 pairs. 7 are in the green, 2 are in blue, and 5 are in yellow leaving 1 in red. My black pumps have been worn 54x. Average Wears: 13

Purged Items: My purged items account for 381 wears, all wear opportunities lost across what I own currently.

Minimalist Game

I decided to play a minimalist game this month. The game is to purge a minimum of the same number of items per day that the day of the month is (October 1- purge one thing, October 31- purge 31 things). So the goal is to reduce my possessions by 496 items or more this month. I added another goal to the list- to put away or find new homes for the same number of items that are adding clutter to my life. I'd like to post my status every Saturday, so today I only have four days to report:

De-clutter Total: 13 items (Goal: 10 items)
Purge Total: 19 items (Goal: 10 items)

Day 1- Put away two books back to bookshelf (2 items). Got rid of one pair of uncomfortable underwear and too-worn socks, donated 3 bras that don't fit (5 items).

Day 2- Brought my framed butterfly and 3 stuffies to my new office where they belong (4 items). Purged 2 fashion magazines (2 items). 

Day 3- Picked up/ put away 3 more books (3 items). Donated a pair of unworn earrings, a book, and 3 small toys my daughter doesn't play with (5 items).

Day 4- Picked up keychain, mirror, comb, and lotion back to where they belong (4 items). Discarded non-functioning marker set, gave away 3 bottles of perfume, 2 bottles of hair product, and a bag of sample hair products (7 items).

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Outfit Journal

I wanted to give an update on my outfit journal and what I have learned from it. I was inspired by Debbie Roe's post on her outfit journal, and began recording my observations of my outfits from September 1st on.

What I learned

Proportion Matters!:

I've discovered that I really need to get the right proportion in my outfits. There are two things that really make a difference in my outfits- the shoe that I use vs. proportion of leg, and the fit of the top vs. fit of the bottom.

Leg Proportions: I have found that when I wear a top that is longer, I MUST use a heel on the bottom or I feel frumpy. I'm an average short 5'4" woman, and when my leg proportion (where the top ends vs. where the bottom ends) is shorter in my outfit, I need to wear higher shoes to balance the outfit. My favorite lately has been my high-heeled tan booties with skinny jeans, paired with a longer/tunic-y top. Pairing flats with longer tops makes me feel frumpy.

Top vs. Bottom Fit: I've discovered that to have an outfit get a high rating, for me, it must be balanced in terms of fit. Particularly, I need a more fitted top for a wider bottom and a more blousy top for a more fitted bottom. I don't rate highly outfits that are very fitted-fitted (without a topper for coverage) or that are blousy-wide/loose.

My Color Comfort Level:

I always thought that I was a girl that loved color. My outfit journal has proved to me that I really am NOT a big color-wearer, and that outfits that feel the most 'me' and the most 'chic' follow the following rules with color in small doses:

One non-neutral color per outfit: I don't like wearing too many accent colors, contrary to my previous beliefs. I always feel 'off' with too much color going on in an outfit and rate the outfit lower.

Matching the color only one time: I don't like being too matchy-matchy with color, but I like colors repeating and being cohesive with something tying them to the outfit (such as all black + burgundy top, needs one more accent with burgundy such as shoes or necklace or earrings). Repeating the color more than once feels over the top, though, especially when I have a print in the mix.

Color + 2 neutrals is most 'chic' for me: The best outfits that I put together had a color (or print) and two neutrals, such as Purple + Denim + Tan, or White + Berry + Gray.

All Neutrals: Another very 'chic' way of putting together an outfit for me was using all neutrals that had texture or detailing to them but were similar in hue, such as White + Tan + Gold.

Accessories, Patterns, and Balance:

I have found that when I wear patterned tops, I don't like pairing them with necklaces unless they are more simple. I also don't like to pair too many textures/patterns together. I find outfits with a focal point more 'me' and outfits with multiple focal points. More than one focal point feels very 'busy; for me.

Outfit Repeats and Variety:

I have found that I repeat my casual outfits a LOT because I don't have a lot of clothing that works for casual wear. The more I repeat an outfit, the less likely I am to really enjoy wearing it because I get bored of wearing the same outfit every weekend. I need to either find inspiration to make more outfits or get more casual wear in the future.

The 'Me' Factor:

This one is still a challenge for me. I've worn flattering outfits that I liked that did not really feel 'me'. I'm still trying to narrow down just why that is- I just can't seem to put a finger on it yet. It could be because I'm trying new styles and am not used to them yet. Another possible reason is that I really like 'feminine' details, and those outfits were more menswear-inspired. Only time will tell I think.