Friday, October 24, 2014

I broke my resolve and shopped

I stopped shopping for over 30 days! I had little desire to shop and felt empowered! Then, I recieved a $50 rewards card last week that expired quickly, and I went shopping. I went overboard when I saw that many of my wishlist items had been cut to clearance  (more on that later) but the damage wasn't unrepairable. I was surprised how quickly I went into a tailspin once I shopped, though. I launched into my old habits almost before I could say 'shop'.

The best thing is that not shopping really cleared my mind and I was able to choose pieces that really worked for me! I'm getting back on the wagon with not shopping, though everything I've ordered has not yet arrived. I'm still waiting for some jewelry and an exchange. The one item I spent the reward on is too big!

I ordered and kept a pair of earrings, a beautiful printed wrap dress, a needed red tank, and a great pair of nearly black skinny jeans
The earrings really work with everything. They're a perfect hint of sparkle and mix well with many of my things.
The wrap dress makes me feel AMAZING. I am sure it will be worn over and over again, in many situations. It's a 100 on a 10 point scale. If I cold get away with wearing it every day, I would. And to top it off- it's completely different from my other dresses, in color, in that it's a print, and mostly because of the silouhette.
The jeans were sorely needed- I'm likely to prematurely wear out my mid-blue skinnies, I wear them 3 times a week at least! The color was too 'summary' and these new solid dark jeans are their perfect swap for the season.
This red tank was sorely needed. I dislike layering contrasting camisoles under solids, and it matches my red sweater perfectly. As a plus, it also works perfectly with the wrap dress as the pattern has hints of red as well as purple, black, and white.

I think these items are what shopping should be like- sparse, and only for things truly needed and loved. 4 items each month is too much still, but these items really are some missing links for me and I would ideally not get anything again for a few months. I did overshop again, and I'll post the full story as usual on my budget post along with purges, etc. but I had to share!!


  1. It seems like your shopping fast has been great for you, even if it was shorter than you had planned. I love how much awareness you are bringing to your habits, it is inspiring to me.

    1. Thank you very much engagedbliss! I'll definitely be doing another fast, I'm trying to really work on controlling the impulse to shop. I'm glad anything I share is helpful to anyone else!