Saturday, October 4, 2014

Minimalist Game Week 2

I decided to play a minimalist game this month. The game is to purge a minimum of the same number of items per day that the day of the month is (October 1- purge 1 thing, October 31- purge 31 things). So the goal is to reduce my possessions by 496 items or more this month. I added another goal to the list- to put away or find new homes for the same number of items that are adding clutter to my life.

De-clutter Week 1 Total: 13 items (Goal: 10 items)
Purge Week 1 Total: 19 items (Goal: 10 items)

De-clutter Week 2 Total: 194 items (Goal: 56 items)
Purge Week 2 Total: 99 items (Goal: 56 items)

Day 5- Put away two stuffed animals, fabric tape measure, and can of wasp spray (wrong rooms), a small jar, and removed 5 dishes from my child's toy box (10 items). Donated one stuffed animal and 3 old pajama tops, purged 1 necklace (5 items).

Day 6- Returned 2 bags of baby clothing,  a ball, a stuffed animal, a dvd, and 3 glass jars to their respective owners. Put charger and aux cable back in the car (10 items). Gave away two stuffies, a basket, and two new unopened bottles of baby lotion. Purged a ruined book (6 items).

Day 7- Put away 7 medicines, 2 packets of batteries (9 items). 5 toys tossed, 5 donated (10 items).

Day 8- Trashed ruined laptop bag, ruined hairbow, expired teething tablets, deconstructed 3 boxes that up until now had toys, books, or even recycling on them. Donated 14 books, trashed 5 ruined ones (25 items). Picked up/put away many hair ties on dresser (countred as 1) 1 box of books, reorganized bookshelf (counted as 1), returned 5 jewelry items to their proper place (87 items).

Day 9- Donated 3 stuffed animals. Purged expired or stale food: 2 boxes of cereal, 3 jars of protein powders, 2 boxes of very old pancake mix (10 items).

Day 10- Purged 1 top and 1 skirt. Discarded old container and 5 expired cough syrups/meds, 1 old used up eyebrow pencil and 1 old mascara (10 items). Reorganized bathroom with new storage containers (78 items).

Day 11- Donated large bag of stuffed animals (33 items).

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