Friday, October 3, 2014

Minimalist Game

I decided to play a minimalist game this month. The game is to purge a minimum of the same number of items per day that the day of the month is (October 1- purge one thing, October 31- purge 31 things). So the goal is to reduce my possessions by 496 items or more this month. I added another goal to the list- to put away or find new homes for the same number of items that are adding clutter to my life. I'd like to post my status every Saturday, so today I only have four days to report:

De-clutter Total: 13 items (Goal: 10 items)
Purge Total: 19 items (Goal: 10 items)

Day 1- Put away two books back to bookshelf (2 items). Got rid of one pair of uncomfortable underwear and too-worn socks, donated 3 bras that don't fit (5 items).

Day 2- Brought my framed butterfly and 3 stuffies to my new office where they belong (4 items). Purged 2 fashion magazines (2 items). 

Day 3- Picked up/ put away 3 more books (3 items). Donated a pair of unworn earrings, a book, and 3 small toys my daughter doesn't play with (5 items).

Day 4- Picked up keychain, mirror, comb, and lotion back to where they belong (4 items). Discarded non-functioning marker set, gave away 3 bottles of perfume, 2 bottles of hair product, and a bag of sample hair products (7 items).

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