Thursday, October 2, 2014

Outfit Journal

I wanted to give an update on my outfit journal and what I have learned from it. I was inspired by Debbie Roe's post on her outfit journal, and began recording my observations of my outfits from September 1st on.

What I learned

Proportion Matters!:

I've discovered that I really need to get the right proportion in my outfits. There are two things that really make a difference in my outfits- the shoe that I use vs. proportion of leg, and the fit of the top vs. fit of the bottom.

Leg Proportions: I have found that when I wear a top that is longer, I MUST use a heel on the bottom or I feel frumpy. I'm an average short 5'4" woman, and when my leg proportion (where the top ends vs. where the bottom ends) is shorter in my outfit, I need to wear higher shoes to balance the outfit. My favorite lately has been my high-heeled tan booties with skinny jeans, paired with a longer/tunic-y top. Pairing flats with longer tops makes me feel frumpy.

Top vs. Bottom Fit: I've discovered that to have an outfit get a high rating, for me, it must be balanced in terms of fit. Particularly, I need a more fitted top for a wider bottom and a more blousy top for a more fitted bottom. I don't rate highly outfits that are very fitted-fitted (without a topper for coverage) or that are blousy-wide/loose.

My Color Comfort Level:

I always thought that I was a girl that loved color. My outfit journal has proved to me that I really am NOT a big color-wearer, and that outfits that feel the most 'me' and the most 'chic' follow the following rules with color in small doses:

One non-neutral color per outfit: I don't like wearing too many accent colors, contrary to my previous beliefs. I always feel 'off' with too much color going on in an outfit and rate the outfit lower.

Matching the color only one time: I don't like being too matchy-matchy with color, but I like colors repeating and being cohesive with something tying them to the outfit (such as all black + burgundy top, needs one more accent with burgundy such as shoes or necklace or earrings). Repeating the color more than once feels over the top, though, especially when I have a print in the mix.

Color + 2 neutrals is most 'chic' for me: The best outfits that I put together had a color (or print) and two neutrals, such as Purple + Denim + Tan, or White + Berry + Gray.

All Neutrals: Another very 'chic' way of putting together an outfit for me was using all neutrals that had texture or detailing to them but were similar in hue, such as White + Tan + Gold.

Accessories, Patterns, and Balance:

I have found that when I wear patterned tops, I don't like pairing them with necklaces unless they are more simple. I also don't like to pair too many textures/patterns together. I find outfits with a focal point more 'me' and outfits with multiple focal points. More than one focal point feels very 'busy; for me.

Outfit Repeats and Variety:

I have found that I repeat my casual outfits a LOT because I don't have a lot of clothing that works for casual wear. The more I repeat an outfit, the less likely I am to really enjoy wearing it because I get bored of wearing the same outfit every weekend. I need to either find inspiration to make more outfits or get more casual wear in the future.

The 'Me' Factor:

This one is still a challenge for me. I've worn flattering outfits that I liked that did not really feel 'me'. I'm still trying to narrow down just why that is- I just can't seem to put a finger on it yet. It could be because I'm trying new styles and am not used to them yet. Another possible reason is that I really like 'feminine' details, and those outfits were more menswear-inspired. Only time will tell I think.


  1. I really enjoyed this post, Meli! I love that you're keeping an outfit journal and getting so much out of it. I really like that you distilled all of your entries down into some distinct points. I'm finding that I have a similar color comfort level. My favorite outfits are those with neutrals and one pop of color. Of course, Bridgette Raes would like me to add more color into the mix, but I'm going to proceed slowly and see how I feel. I do like the idea of having a bright pair of shoes and echoing that color in one other place in my outfit. Unless the other areas are small, I usually like to keep the matching to just one piece, too. Many of your other points resonated for me as well. Keep up the great work! My outfit journal has helped me with my wardrobe and style more than pretty much everything else. Project 333 was up there, too!

    1. Thank you so much for your support debbie!!!!! I've found project333 tracking along with everything a little too much lately so I may lay off the journal this month, but it was extremely helpful. I love Bridgette's ideas and have gotten a lot of value from reading her blog- I just need more help with outfit assembling I think.