Friday, October 17, 2014

Project 333 Week 4

Number of outfits this week:
4 work outfits, 3 casual outfits


I had my first swaps during week 4. I purged my burgundy sleeveless top (worn once or twice but was very unhappy in it) and replaced it with my burgundy print tank. I also swapped out my white cardigan (unworn- too summery) for my black, white, and tan printed cardigan, and swapped out my black dress (unworn) and brought in my burgundy cardigan.

I still feel like I need more options that what I have in my capsule. In particular, I feel I need to buy more tops. I also keep wanting to wear my burgundy sweater and teal jacket, which were not included in my capsule. I also sent two tops to the tailors this week (my leopard print top which has a snap in the front that got pulled out and I asked to add a second snap, and my burgundy print blouse that was too blousy- I had the sides slimmed). Not having them made me feel like I had even less options.

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