Friday, October 24, 2014

Project 333 Week 5-7

Somewhere in the last couple weeks I kind of gave up on P333. Here are my reasons why:

-I've been ill twice, then my daughter got an ear infection. My laundry caught up to me. I could have worn something else (skirt or dress instead of pants for example) but I did not.

-I've made several swaps over the last few weeks for weather. It's a slippery slope at best.

-I wanted to wear what I felt inspired to wear, regardless if it was in my P333 or not. In particular my red sweater and a pair of pinstripe gray pants that are nearly duplicates of my wider ones- they're just slimmer and fit a higher heel.

-I broke P333 and purchased new clothing that I wanted to wear immediately.

In the end, P333 isn't right for me based on NUMBERS. The concept- curating carefully your seasonal wardrobe with both eyes on the goal of minimalism- is just right for me. I don't know if there IS a right set number for me. I know I've been getting closer to where I want to be but feel that other than minor purging and purchasing I'm done with major wardrobe changes.

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