Wednesday, November 12, 2014

October 2014 Budget

$2300/year, can add in gift cards and eBay sales.
No more than 45 items this year and must fit in with my shopping questions.

Spent this month: $134.38
Totals: $2266.99 out of pocket, $446.71 on gifts/gift cards, $354.62 on returns and eBay earnings.
$33.01 left for the year out of pocket.

60 new items entered my closet this year so far total. I can buy or receive up to 0 more items this year. I went over the goal of 45 by 15 items!

What Came In:  6 items
WHBM Printed Wrap Dress $48.43: This dress is probably my favorite dress of all time. It's amazing! I've worn it once a week since I got it and I'm certain I won't tire of it anytime soon. I'll keep an eye out this spring for another like this but in a blue/green print hopefully. Rates 100/10.
WHBM Crystal Earrings $10.88: These are very pretty earrings and they go with a lot of things. They could have been a mistake though- they're a  bit heavy and my ears hurt for a couple days after wearing them all day. Very sad! 7/10 but hoping I'll get used to them...
WHBM Dark Zip Skinny Jeans $32.30: These are great jeans, they fit wonderfully and I'm so happy to have a dark plain pair. I own another mid-blue pair and a dark pant with fading/wash and white embroidery. 9.5/10
WHBM Burgundy Tank $16.18: This tank was really a missing link for me, I really needed a layering piece just this color. Because of this tank I can wear my red sweater and feel 'off' because the camisole is a contrasting color, which I dislike. 9/10
WHBM Cuff $14.24: This is a great little cuff, lightweight and right up my alley in terms of style. It also fits my small wrists which is no small feat. 9.5/10
WHBM Burgundy Earrings $16.18: I've been wanting jewelry in reds/burgundys which has been surprisingly hard to find. These earrings are very nice and are a great pop of color. 9.5/10

What I ordered but returned: 3 items

WHBM Suit Jacket $85.49 and Pants $50.85: I should never have ordered these. They were an 'impulse' purchase that I ordered out of pure curiosity, to be honest. When I got them the fabric was truly not what I expected and I was not impressed with the quality compared to the original prices ($220 and $128). Returned.
WHBM Black Jacket $: I ordered this jacket using my $50 rewards card I received. It's the same jacket I own in burgundy, which I really enjoy wearing. I ordered the same size and found it was too large, so I exchanged for a smaller size which did not arrive until November (stay tuned for next month).

Purged: 5 items

Mint Rhinestone Statement Necklace: I purged this necklace and just this week (November) gave it to a co-worker whom I enjoy spending time with. 
Black and White Chandelier Earrings: I used to really like these earrings, then I broke them. I fixed them recently, but when trying to wear them I often switched them out in favor of other earrings I own. This told me that I was really over these and allowed me to let them go.
Burgundy Ruched Front Blouse: This is a purchase I made this year, actually pretty recently. I love the color and the neckline is excellent. The problem- I always felt frumpy wearing it! The rushing down the middle isn't very flattering on me. I should have known- I have tried tops like this several times and they never work out. I was inspired to stop trying to make it work by Debbie Roe's post here about her similar struggle with a dress.
Crystal Stretch Belt: I loved the style of this belt but never wore it. I always would switch it out before leaving the house. I tried it again before letting it go and finally figured out why it didn't work on me- the crystal detail was almost as wide as my waist, so rather than drawing the eye to a narrow spot all I was seeing was the wideness of the belt. That's the best I can do to describe it, but at least now I know why it didn't work to prevent the same mistake in the future.
Blue Watercolor Floral Print Skirt: I love the print of this skirt, but the wideness of the skirt never flattered my figure. I always felt off in it, and finally was able to let it go after taking to heart Debbie Roe's article that is mentioned above (life's too short to settle and wear things out of guilt)!

Sold:  0 items


I did not intend to shop this month, yet I did. I did get a lot of items that I really enjoy, but I know I need to slow down. 6 items is an improvement over the numbers I was bringing in my home in recent months, but I need to be able to go without shopping. I still intend to do a 5-piece 'French' wardrobe next year, where I only buy 5 items maximum per season or 20 items total in 2015. Re-training my habits is imperative at this point. I also want to meet my budget for this year- I've spent all but $33.01 of my budget! I can sell items and spend that money, but I'd rather spend the next few months focusing on recovering from this shopping addition and focusing my time and money on the following:

Spending time with family and friends
Celebrating my daughter and nephew's birthdays
Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner
Donating time and money to charity (I usually do wishes for kids, food baskets, etc)
Getting appropriate gifts (not going overboard) for family for Christmas
Hosting either Christmas or New Years

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