Thursday, November 6, 2014

September Budget Part II

I'm sorry it took so long to get around to posting this! I wanted to get all real pictures of my purges but have been ill twice, so I've decided to just get over with it and post this.

What I ordered but returned: 5 items

WHBM Surplice Printed Banded Top, $57.57
When this top came out in this amazing print, I knew I would never forgive myself if I didn't try it, so I ordered it last month (was on pre-order). I'm crazy about the print, but had my doubts about the fit. I resolved to try it and see if I could make it work. The top arrived, and to my shock it was defective! This is the first time I've seen poor quality in a WHBM garmet- there were loose threads at the bodice and it was obvious it had not been finished sewing. The fit was awful- super blousy in the middle but very tight at the bottom. I only tried it on to see if it was worth it for me to return for exchange. Returned.
Clark's Always Chic Pumps, $140.00 plus $11.20 in tax ($151.20)
I ordered these in a size 7 and 7.5. I sent the 7.5 back.
WHBM Black Eyelet Jacket, $47.50
I ordered this in two sizes and returned the bigger size.
Loft Neutral Necklace, $19.75
I intended to purchase this necklace to replace my neutral short necklace. I didn't really think this one through before ordering, because it's very bulky and is almost identical in style/size to my coral bib necklace that I purged.
Loft  Delicate Necklace, $14.75
I chose this necklace because I thought it could be the perfect hint of sparkle to pair with bold printed tops or tops that have a lot going on with them. I've noticed in my outfit journal that I do not enjoy wearing my statement jewelry with busy tops- it makes the outfit 'busy' to my eye. I like cleaner aesthetics, but mostly cannot bear an open neckline without anything filling the space. This one was too short and looked weird on, which is too bad but at least I was able to recognize it. I was very close to keeping it!

WHBM Gray Lace Cardigan- $64.95
This was another pre-order item from last month. It was mostly an impulse purchase- I love cardigans, love special details, and gray is one of the foundation colors of my wardrobe and had been missing from my tops and toppers. This one did not work out at all. It was thin, the lace had a weird fringe I didn't like, and the buttons were flimsy. Not worth the price or space in my wardrobe.

Loft Pink Drop Earrings, $14.75
I ordered these earrings because I thought they'd be that perfect pop of color I was looking for, particularly in this color. They ended up smaller in size than I imagined and kind of dull. I ordered the blue ones as an impulse, and the blue color was more intense and worked better than these.

Purges: 32

Mint drop earrings: These earrings were not being used because I had a prettier pair of mint earrings that I like much better. I don't need to split my wears, so out these go!
Long silver necklace: I used to really like this necklace, but I haven't worn it since the holidays last year. I'm ready to let it go, particularly when faced with the newer purchase that replaced it!

Long chain/rhinestone earrings: I wore these earrings once (possibly twice) and bought them in 2007 or 2008. It's time to let them go!

Circle rhinestone necklace: I recently bought this and have worn it 5 times already. It's really pretty- but it's splitting my wears with another rhinestone necklace that I like better.
Short purple pendant necklace: This was one of my favorite necklaces once, which is why I've held on to it as long as I have (2007 is my estimate). I have not been wearing this necklace at all in the last few years and it's time to let it go. I thought I had given it new life by removing the worn purple leather thong that was part of the necklace, but while it's pretty it's just not me anymore.

Coral bib necklace: I purchased this necklace this year. It was a great price and is a beautiful color, but I have to admit that the only items it 'goes' with to my eye are printed and feel overwhelmed with this necklace. It's an orphan and I feel uncomfortable wearing it with the top I have been wearing it with (another result of my journal).
Silver snake mid-heel slingback sandals: I tried to wear these by wearing them to work weeks ago, and they did not work out at all. I bought these in 2008 for my college graduation, and while I still have the dress and love it, these shoes really have not been cutting it. I've worn them 3 times total, and while they fit they are uncomfortable to walk in because the sling back style causes the shoe to kind of snap back up when I walk- I hate the slapping noise! They're not likely to ever be worn again, and I'm surprised I didn't purge them sooner.I also hate the heel shape.
Black cut-out booties: I bought these to wear with my sequin mini-dress for a Christmas party. I've only worn them a few times since (5 times this year), and they're a 1/2 size too big for my feet making them uncomfortable and not my 1st choice for footwear. I've finally been able to let these go!
Burgundy pumps: These pumps were once great. They're Ann Taylor perfect pumps from 2008, and were extremely comfortable despite the height. They were leather and had the perfect color, but I finally wore them out. They're discolored, nicked, scratched, and really have been past their prime for a while now. I finally found the perfect replacements and were able to let them go!
Black Trousers hemmed for flats: I've finally been able to let these go. Like the two pairs I let go last month, I wore these pants back when I recently had the baby (but had lost weight) and couldn't tolerate heels for some time. I look much better in heels though than flats for work, and have only worn these twice this year and hated both outfits. Time to say goodbye!
Black Trousers, mid-heel length: The fabric has always made me keep these during each purge, because it's supple and silky-smooth with a beautiful sheen. The issue is that they're too tight, and I always hung on to them with the idea of losing weight. This is a sad goodbye, but they deserve to be worn and not squished under my (now 9) other pairs of trousers that fit.
Blue Cardigan: I originally bought this cardigan in 4 colors (ridiculous!), only because I liked the colors and the price was low. I hated the buttons and found that the fabric was low quality, but it didn't stop me from buying them (gah!). I had this blue one and a red-orange one left. I finally was able to let this cardigan go, even though the color is exactly what I want. I found after going through my wardrobe that I have enough other options for the outfits/specific tops that I would wear this with to part with it.
Red-Orange Cardigan: This is the red-orange cardigan mentioned above, letting go for the same reasons.

Purple Camisole: This was an item that was splitting my wears, as I had another camisole in this color but in a V-neck rather than the straight neck. I hated the lace at the bottom of this one (asymmetrically cut) and decided to purge one of my duplicates. When I pulled it out again, the lace at the top was curling up, but the fabric was soft and it still fit well, so I decided to downgrade it to lounge wear.
Polka dot tie-neck top: I loved this top when I bought it last year, but not the color/print. It's black with a tiny off-white polka dot, and while I pushed myself to wear it this year I never truly enjoyed it. I have a duplicate of this top in a graphic black and white print that I truly do love, and I have decided to stop splitting my wears. This was harder to let go of because it's in perfect shape and has a great fit, but I know I don't love it.
White tiered ruffle tank: This top was a workhorse just after I had the baby. It fit great and hid the excess weight around my middle perfectly as I worked to lose the weight. It's now too big and the tiers are too bulky for me. I decided to downgrade the top to my teeny maternity wear capsule, because I know that this top will get worn if/when I hopefully get pregnant next time in a couple years (to hide the bump until I'm ready to tell, should fit into about 4-5 months) and to wear after pregnancy again. I do not purchase for this capsule just to clarify!
Brown Beaded Necklace: I've worn this a handful of times tops, but never could let it go until now.
Brown Beaded Earrings: Matching earrings to necklace above.
Green Beaded Necklace: I used to love this necklace, but not anymore. My friend borrowed and loved this necklace once- I'm passing it on to her.

Mint Beaded Necklace: This necklace was well loved, but is tarnished and worn now. I don't like it anymore because the silver is so worn out it's mostly copper.
Silver Sparkle Twisted Necklace: I bought this in 2007 for a party and wore it once. I tried to wear it again last year and once this year, but it's not working out. Time to let it go.
Gray Rhinestone Bracelet: This was an impulse buy years ago when I had illusions of layering bracelets (not my thing). Time to let it go.

Rhinestone Beaded Bracelet: Same reason as above!
Blue+green Beaded Necklace: While I still like this necklace, it's very 'young' and doesn't match my style anymore. I'm on the lookout for a mature upgrade, but why keep this around when I don't wear it?
Blue+green Beaded Drop Earrings: These are the matching pair to the necklace above.
Aqua Printed Cardigan: I adore this cardigan and the color, but am ready to let it go. It's more 'mature' than my style and I have been unable to wear it in a successful outfit.
Pink Crystal Necklace: Another old old necklace I once really loved. I've tried to wear it and it's just not 'me' anymore.
Green & Blue Bracelet: I loved wearing this bracelet in college, but nowadays feel like it's just too 'young'.
Black Bracelet: I purged this because the silver finish was wearing off and it was showing the coppery colored metal underneath.

Coral Print Top: I have been 'iffy' about this top since I bought it, which was perhaps 4+ years ago. I've shuffled back and forth over the 'hate it' and 'like it' line, but never loved it. I've finally decided to let it go.
Chocolate Brown Wide-leg Pants: I'm eliminating these because they're not the most flattering on my figure and because their color doesn't fit in with anything else in my closet.

Dark Grey Bootcut Jeans: I feel bad about letting these go, which is why I've held on to them as long as I have. My husband bought these on impulse for me ($50!). I've never truly loved them and hate the boot-cut. They don't go with many things and I'm finally ready to bid those guilty feelings goodbye.

Dark Brown Flat Leather Boots: I once really liked these boots, but they're not my style at all and my husband despises them. I kept them out of sheer stubbornness and guilt because they're one of the few higher-end purchases I ever made, and were a big mistake. They cost over $200 if I remember correctly and were only worn a few times. I hope to sell them for a good price, since they are leather and are in near-perfect condition. I always got tons of compliments when I wore them.
Black Beaded Drop Earrings: These got worn because they were simple and were the only black earrings I had. Now, I have better options and I know I will never reach for these again.
(2) Blue Sparkle Stretch Bracelets: I bought these bracelets in 2008 to go with my blue sequin mini-dress. I wore them that one time and have never worn them again. I really don't want to have anything in my wardrobe that either is worn very frequently or is very much loved, and these are neither.

Sold: 2 items

Gray Express Skinny Jeans: purged last month because they were too tight to wear comfortably.

Circle Rhinestone Necklace: purged this month, listed above! It went for more than what I paid for it, which is a rare occurrence and was a surprise.

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