Tuesday, January 13, 2015

December Budget

$2300/year, can add in gift cards and eBay sales.
No more than 45 items this year and must fit in with my shopping questions.

Spent this month: $425.66
Totals: $2808.98 out of pocket, $446.71 on gifts/gift cards, $354.62 on returns and eBay earnings.
$0 left for the year out of pocket, over budget by $508.64

70 new items entered my closet this year so far total. I can buy or receive up to 0 more items this year. I went over the goal of 45 by 25 items!

What Came In: 8 items
Coach Pumps $107.99
I purchased these shoes particularly for my company Christmas party, but I also thought they would be great to use as accents in outfits as well. They're fairly comfortable for their height, and are the perfect shaped pumps. 9.5/10

WHBM Lace & Beaded Sweater $65.17
This sweater is replacing my old white boatneck sweater, which was trashed as too-worn this month. This sweater is simply gorgeous and will be a staple for years- I'm in love with it! 10/10

WHBM Knit Ombre Sweater $58.52
This sweater is replacing my old purple cowl-neck sweater from Maurices, which was trashed as too-worn this month. The knit is delicate and has me worried, but the style and the fabric/color is stunning. I hope I can care for the sweater well to make it last a long time! 9.5/10
WHBM Burgundy Lace Dress $35.62
This was my Christmas dress this year. I didn't intend to get a new dress, but when I saw it and on sale I knew it was mine. This dress is super flattering and has a deep scoop back. It's also going to be my holiday party dress next year! 10/10
WHBM Black Surplice Top $22.81
This top could possibly have been a mistake, but I'm still hoping to use it the way I envisioned it. It's a flattering cut but so far I don't reach for it, after seeing myself in the mirror at a store and not liking how tight it was on me (I had already worn it 2x). I'm working on getting in shape after the holiday weight gain, and this should fix the problem. 7.5/10 currently.
WHBM Printed Faux-Wrap Dress $49.87
This dress is a great, easy dress and should become quite a staple. It's very flattering and is exactly what I was hoping for. It needs to be hemmed about 2". 9.5/10!
WHBM Printed Tee $29.56
This is a great printed tee, my first t-shirt in quite a long time. It's a scoop-back, but I prefer to wear the scoop in the front! 9/10

WHBM Blue Cardigan, $56.12
This cardigan is in my 'core' color, which was really missing since I purged a cardigan that didn't fit well. I'm sure it will be well used, considering how much I wore the other one! 9.5/10

Purged:  13 items

WHBM Black ruffled tank: This tank never layered right, and alone it was only 'OK'. Time for me to let go of my guilt over buying it and just let it go!

NY&Co White Boatneck Sweater: This sweater became too stained to wear to work and had been so worn, it was misshapen. It was a great sweater and was worn often!!
WHBM Blue print ruffled camisole: Same as the black ruffled top above, this camisole never layered right and I didn't like how exposed it was alone for work!

Maurices Purple cowl sweater: This sweater was a workhorse for me for the last two years. It developed several holes recently and had to be purged.

WHBM Black Cardigan: This was a mistake when I bought it off eBay. It looked too worn and couldn't be worn open because of all the loose threads. I don't think I even wore it once!

Maurices Green peplum top: I was off and on about this top all last year. The elastic is uncomfortable and the sleeves hit at the widest point of my arm. I finally was able to let it go!

NYandCo Black sparkle cardigan: This cardigan was never quite right and I finally was able to let it go. It did get a lot of wear until I bought my black jacket, which has effectively replaced it. I would never choose this cardigan over that jacket!

NYandCo Burgundy cardigan: Another cardigan that wasn't quite right and was replaced by a better item- the burgundy jacket in this case.

WHBM Blue Printed Cardigan: This cardigan was purchased solely because it was 'pretty', but it never 'worked' for me.

WHBM Teal pencil skirt: This skirt is very pretty, but it's just too fitted to enjoy wearing to work- and I don't go out on formal dates. It has no purpose in my life and so it has to go!
WHBM Striped pencil skirt: This skirt is the exact same shape as the teal skirt above and therefore has the same problem. Out it goes!
Chain necklace: I've had this simple silver necklace for a very long time. I never wear it, and the length isn't quite right- it dips into scoop and v-necks, which are my favorite.
Burgundy beaded triple-tiered necklace: This necklace is a duplicate of a black necklace I wear often. I don't enjoy this necklace because it's a gold tone with burgundy rather than a silver tone. I no longer have patience for 'almost' right anything anymore!

Sold: 0 items


I feel I did really well with purging this month- I was able to let go of a lot of baggage I've been carrying emotionally with these items. There were very nice pieces of clothing- beautiful colors and/or style- that were never right for me, but I kept because I felt guilty for purchasing them or not using them.

On the flip side, I purchased too many things this year and overspent by budget. I overspent by $508.64 and purchased 25 too many items. I still did much better than last year though- I purchased approximately 90+ things last year (most did not work out) and spent much more than this year. I think I bought so many items this month because I was scared of what a year of severely reduced shopping would be like (this year, 2015). I returned probably half of what I ordered this month, but didn't really keep track. What I kept I felt would really work for me going into the next year.

See my last post on how I plan to be more successful this year than I was this last year.

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