Friday, January 30, 2015

January 2015 Budget

The Rules (as seen in original post here)
  • I can spend $1500.00 maximum out of pocket.
  • I can purchase 20 items maximum.
  • Re-sale adds money to the budget but not to the item limit.
  • Gifts do not 'count' in the item limit.
This Month
  • I spent $20.69 this month on 1 item.
  • So far this year, I have spent $20.69 and purchased 1 item.
  • I have $1479.31 left to spend this year on 19 items. This is about $77.86 each.
  • I received a $50 gift card for Christmas which is unspent.

This month, the numbers are a bit skewed because while I did not purchase anything in January, an item was back-ordered from last month. It did not get charged or ship until this month, so it wound up being part of 2015 rather than 2014. I liked it enough to keep it and wear it right away!

WHBM Scarf, $20.69 (orig $48)

This scarf is awesome- it's the perfect size and I love the print and colors (a bit brighter and longer than pictured). 9.5/10


I received a $50 gift card for Christmas which is unspent currently!

Returns- 0

Shopping List

So, how'd I do on my shopping list? I created this list in December 2015, when I was planning my budget and it is subject to change!

Spring/Summer Items- 5

  • Flat pair of sandals
  • Replacement tan flats
  • Blouse in a vibrant print
  • White blouse
  • New Gray or colored jeans

Fall/Winter Items- 4

  • Replacement winter coat
  • Replacement winter boots- black
  • Replacement sweater
  • Ankle Boots
  • Replacement Black Cardigan

All Season Items- 12

  • Replacement purse
  • New pair of mid-height black heels
  • Necklace
  • Earrings
  • Bracelet
  • Scarf in multiple colors - purchased
  • 2 tops that work professionally and casually
  • New Jacket or Blazer
  • Wrap style or flowy dress

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