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Purchases 2014 Review

Purchases Review 2014

I purchased a total of 70 items in 2014. This includes clothing, shoes, and accessories but does not include pajamas and underclothing (including tights), as they come out of a different budget. Originally, I only intended to purchase 45 or less, and overall I purchased too much in the past year. My total wardrobe counting accessories currently numbers 133, so in rough numbers without taking into consideration all the purging, that is 52.63% of my wardrobe!  I also busted my budget by overspending by $508. 

While the numbers are much too high, there are some great positive changes that I've made as well. In 2013 I estimated I had purchased around 95 or more items- and a vast majority of those items are no longer in my closet because I was only impulse purchasing, with no real thought of how the items would really work in my life or wardrobe. I purchased fewer items this year in comparison, and this past year I was also much more discerning. I was able to get some real 'home runs', though I did make several mistakes. I also made a vast shift overall- I reduced my wardrobe from a total of approximately 360-410 to 133. I was able to overhaul my style this year and I made great progress in honing in on what I like and what works best for me, which will help me make better decisions in the future.

Items that I no longer own (13): $389.26

Firstly, I want to review the items that I purchased this year, yet are no longer in my closet and why. Of these, 2 were lost or accidentally ruined, while 9 were purged. 2 more items were purged but did not count, as they were gifts. The rest of the purged items (9) represent 12.86 % of what I purchased this year- all wasted dollars. They total $270.76, or 7.5% of my budget, of which some I hope to recoup back in resale.

For the items that I purged, there are a few trends that I see. 2 items were free and did not work for me. 5 items were items that I liked and I thought were pretty, but were impulse purchases and didn’t end up working for me. The 3 tops that I purged were all very similar in that they were sleeveless with ruffles or rushing that did not work out for me. The cardigan was an eBay purchase and was much more worn than I expected and was not returnable. In the future, I must remember not to purchase something just because I like the color, print, or think it’s pretty- I must be more discerning about fit and function.

2 items were lost or ruined: $118.50

Reversible Earrings- $21.50
These earrings were worn extremely frequently- they got to under a dollar a wear very quickly. Unfortunately, I lost one just a couple weeks ago while wearing them out and about, and have been unable to find the lost earring.
Dusky Blue V-Neck Dress- $97
This beautiful dress was purchased in January and only worn twice. I washed it on delicate, dried it on delicate, and ruined the dress completely. The entire dress shrunk a size- except the lining inside it. $97 in the trash!

Items that were purged (9): $270.76

Aqua Bubble Necklace- Free
Tiny mint earrings (similar, not exact)- Free
WHBM Coral Bib Necklace- $28.12
Rhinestone Necklace, $9.80, sold for $24 via auction
Mint and Rhinestone Necklace- $9.80- given away
WHBM Black Ruffle Blouse- $37.99
WHBM Printed Ruffle Cami, $22.80
WHBM Burgundy Top, $42.78
WHBM Black Cardigan via eBay, $26.35
WHBM Geometric Print Pencil Skirt- $75.34
WHBM Printed Cardigan- $41.78

Items that are 'Home Runs' (36): $2157.44

Now, let's look at the best purchases I made this year. I've split them into two categories- my top favorites, and other frequently worn items. These make up 51.43% of what I purchased and 27.07%  of my total current wardrobe.

Surprisingly, a higher portion of my budget (3610.31 after gifts and eBay earnings) was spent on these items- 59.76%!

Top favorite items (14): $846.15
WHBM Chain Neck Tunic Top, $83.60
WHBM Skinny Jeans, $38
WHBM Burgundy Jacket, $71.25
WHBM Printed Wrap Dress $48.43
Express Light-grey Trousers $67.90
BCBG Paris Ankle boots, DSW $62.35 
WHBM Black Jacket $37.99
House of Harlow Bracelet $78
WHBM Leopard Print Blouse, $70.38
WHBM Cardigan- $31.49
Old Navy White pearl long earrings, $4.77
Clark's Always Chic Pumps, $140.00 plus $11.20 in tax ($151.20)
WHBM Lace & Beaded Sweater $65.17 
WHBM Burgundy Lace Dress $35.62

Other frequently worn or great items (22): $1311.29

Rosetti Colorblock Purse- $69.36
Fergalicious Black Pumps- $46.71
WHBM Gold Motif Earrings, $19.00
WHBM Cobalt Ankle Pants, $55.58
WHBM Geometric Tie-Neck Blouse- $40.85
Isola Low Pointy Toe Heels, $49.99
WHBM Crystal Earrings $10.88
WHBM Dark Zip Skinny Jeans $32.30
WHBM Burgundy Tank $16.18
WHBM Cuff $14.24
WHBM Burgundy Earrings $16.18
WHBM Black Leather Jacket- $357.05
WHBM Beaded and Tiered Dress- $166.25
WHBM White Cardigan, eBay, $36
WHBM Black Eyelet Jacket, $47.50
WHBM Tiered Floral Camisole, $56.94
Loft Teal Blouse, $24.75
WHBM Convertible Purple Pendant / Bib, $19.00
WHBM Silver Pendant, $16.15
WHBM Knit Ombre Sweater $58.52
Coach Pumps $107.99
WHBM Printed Faux-Wrap Dress $49.87

Other (24): $907.57

Lastly, I have a number of items that are either infrequently worn or have small fit issues. A few of these have potential to be purged, but the majority are only 'other' because they have not been worn often or are practical but not my favorite items. These encompass 34.29% of my purchases and 18.05% of my total wardrobe.

Never or infrequently worn items (15): $573.85

WHBM Black Surplice Top $22.81
WHBM Tweed Dress, - $60.80 plus $15 tailoring
LOFT Outlet Long gold tassel necklace, $9.88
WHBM Coral Print Dress- $66.49, Tailoring $15
Black Rivet Jade Faux-Leather Jacket- $37.41
WHBM Flounce Back Pencil Skirt, $56.89
Old Navy Green drop earrings, $ 4.17
WHBM Printed Embellished Cardigan- $46.66
Loft Outlet Long gold necklace with aqua and navy, $12.99
WHBM Printed Surplice Shirt-tail Hem Top, $55.58
WHBM Blue Cardigan, $56.12
Loft Blue Drop Earrings, $14.75
Isola Suri Red Pumps $49.99
Loft Multi-color Necklace, $19.75
WHBM Printed Tee, $29.56

Undecided items (9): $333.72

Rhinestone Necklace, $9.80
Fergalicious Geometric Flats- $29.22
WHBM Striped Knit Top- $59.28
Kelly Green Blazer $6.15
Nine West Green heels, $39.99
WHBM Geometric Cardigan, eBay, $40 (including shipping costs)
NY&Company Trench, $62.35
WHBM Scroll Print Top, $45.60
WHBM White Surplice Top, $41.33

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