Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobes

*Please note, a pair of pants was accidentally shown twice and I'm too lazy to fix it!

25 core items and 16 extras for a grand total of 41 items of clothing (this includes formal wear for weddings and professional needs, or clothing not meant for frequent wear). This covers my every need from March 1st to September 1st, and up to 28 items will translate right back into fall/winter!

This is all of my clothing for spring/summer, except my camisoles which are only worn under clothing (White lace cami, white tank, black lace cami, teal lace cami). There's one other pair of pants and one other cardigan I could possibly include but I feel they're not needed. If I include them later I'll update you all.

I'll be on the look out for a pair of grey jeans, flat sandals, and a couple tops to add, and maybe a great easy dress or jacket. I plan to do a wrap up post once I begin fall/winter to evaluate what was worn and was not, as well looking at new additions or purges to see how successful I was. I did loosely follow the 10- item wardrobe concept, which is my 'goal' to reach one day. Core items are bottoms or tops, extras are toppers, jackets, and formal wear. I could have put the two sheath dresses in the extras as I doubt they'll be worn very frequently as they're very formal, but we'll see.

While 41 items of clothing (45 counting camisoles) is not really a very small wardrobe, it feels right for me because of the following reasons:

  • I don't like to exclude clothing solely to meet a particular number. I'd prefer the opportunity to use what I have.
  • I live in a highly variable 4-season climate (upstate NY anyone, lake effect region).
  • -I work full time in a professional office, and am also a mother of a two year-old. I need a variety of clothing, from weddings to client meetings to the playground.
  • This is my first 'capsule' and while It's higher in number than I'd prefer, I want to naturally reduce as I go and slowly reach smaller numbers rather than purge for the sake of arbitrary numbers. 

My Casual Capsule: 8 items

WHBM Black Flutter-sleeve Top
WHBM Printed Scoop Top (Black, blue, white)
WHBM Blue Flutter-sleeve Top
Express White Sheer Sequin-bib Top
WHBM Blue Ombre Light-weight Sweater
Express Blue Cowl-neck Dress
WHBM Blue Skinny Jeans
Express Embroidered Skinny Jeans

My Work Capsule: 14 items

WHBM Blue Striped Top (does not look good without a topper on me)
Loft Teal Blouse
WHBM Graphic Print Tie-neck Blouse
WHBM Graphic Print Faux-wrap Dress
Old (2008, Macys) Polka-dot Halter Dress
WHBM Black Sheath Dress
WHBM Tweed & White Sheath Dress
Express Grey Striped Editors (wider leg) Medium length
Express Light-Grey Editors Long length

WHBM Cobalt Slim Cropped Ankle Pant
Express Taupe Slim Columnist Pant Medium length
WHBM Black Flounce-back Pencil Skirt
Express Black Slim Columnist Pant Long length
Express Dark-grey Striped Slim-flare Columnist Long length

My Crossover Items: 3 items

JcPenny Cream Ruffle Blouse
WHBM Printed Tiered Camisole
WHBM Printed Surplice Blouse

'Extras': 16 items

WHBM Cream Surplice Top

WHBM Black Surplice Top
WHBM Raspberry Cardigan
WHBM Printed Cardigan (Black, white, grey, tan)
WHBM White Cardigan
WHBM Blue Cardigan
WHBM Graphic Print Cardigan
Green Blazer (plan to tailor- change buttons to silver)
WHBM Black Eyelet Jacket
WHBM Purple Jacket
Maurices Dark-grey Ruffled Back Blazer
WHBM Black Jacket
NY&Co Teal Trench coat
WHBM Printed Wrap Dress (Purple, red, black, white)
Loft Ikat Print Dress (too short for work)
WHBM Coral Print Halter Dress

Accessories and Shoes

I use most these all year round, save the sandals and flats vs boots. I've edited my accessories down to a really manageable level, and still have enough variety for any situation.

Short Necklaces- 10. Missing short strand of real pearls, which are sentimental rather than to wear.
All Long Necklaces- 5
All Bracelets- 6 (I'm not much of a bracelet girl)
All Earrings- 12
All Sandles- 3, 1 high and 2 medium height.
All pumps- 4 high, 2 medium height.

Not pictured: Heeled boots and ankle boots, 2 pairs of winter boots, and 3 pairs of very worn flats. Need to replace tan flats, black flats, and leopard flats one day and buy flat sandles.

You'll notice no rings- I don't wear rings, other than my wedding band.

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