Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Thinking Through Shopping Temptations

My favorite store just rolled out the new spring line (and has new items every day), and it's great! Normally at this point, I would have gone hog wild with the coupon I just recently received + member discount (30% off) and ordered everything that tickled my fancy to 'try'. Instead, I looked carefully through the items to see if there was anything that matched my item list and was worth getting, considering I'm on a 20 item total limit this year. I was able to rule out a lot of temptations based just on this criteria, so that's a huge improvement!

For spring and summer, I'm only really  looking for a replacement purse, a replacement pair of flats, a casual top, a vibrant colored or printed top, a white blouse, gray jeans, a versatile dress, and a really great pair of flat sandals- leaving one 'open' item for something unexpected but special.

I'm especially interested in a great dress because I have my 10-year high school reunion this summer at the beach. I'd like a dress that is special but works casually and for work. I have a dress that would likely work, but it's getting very worn so a replacement isn't out of the question- but it's nice that I don't 'have' to purchase a dress either. I have to admit I would like to dress to impress (in a casual way) and my worn dress isn't my first choice- I'd rather use it for grocery shopping or other hot weekend activities.

After narrowing down what I liked out of the new items, I found the following items to be particularly interesting:

A great dress that appears to be versatile. This would be a contender for said beach-party dress, provided it's easy on and off and not dry-clean only, since I'll be swimming! I also would need to ensure I can wear it to work, as said dress needs to be integrated into my wardrobe rather than a special-occasion dress / dress that is not used often.
A pretty casual light sweater. Could be a great staple or a horrid mess depending on the fit and where the stripes fall on me! I may not ever order it but I do like how it looks here.
A gorgeous work dress. I'm working more and more with clients one-on-one and do have occasions where I need to be very dressed up. I do have two other dresses that would work for these occasions (though I do not like them as much as I wish) as well as separates, so this would not be a need. If it was a extremely flattering fit and the color blocking hit me in the exact right places, it could be a great investment.
This is a great dress, but I'm not sure it would be worth purchasing. I do have limited occasions for this type of dress, and though I don't have a business-appropriate summer dress like this, I do have other dresses that would 'work' for the few occasions I would need something like this (though they wouldn't be my first choice!). This again would have to be absolute perfection for me to purchase it.

I don't plan to purchase anything in the near future. I'd like to wait for some reviews and a 50% off coupon before I order anything to try. I'm happy that that drive I had to purchase (motivated by fear of missing out and a compulsion I couldn't seem to beat) seems to have dissipated now that I feel mostly fulfilled with my wardrobe and especially because I cannot add to many things to my wardrobe this year. It's very liberating! Last year I was not able to keep my purchases down because I was afraid of what it would feel like to not be able to shop, so being able to see this as liberating rather than limiting is a big improvement as well.

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