Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Shopping Update

So, I apologize for being mostly not around lately! I've been pretty busy. I do have some posts coming up on the subject of being frugal, but for now, I wanted to post an update about how I'm coming along with the 20 Item Wardrobe Challenge!

The Challenge

The challenge is to purchase only 20 items total this year in all wardrobe categories save sleepwear and underclothing (which I still must recap on monthly, to ensure I only purchase when needed and minimally). So, I can buy up to 5 items each season. To put this in perspective, I had a tough time limiting my shopping last year and purchased 70 items! To say this year I've set an ambitious goal could be an understatement, considering how much of a shopaholic I've been in the past (for example, in 2013, I purchased at least 90-100 items).

How's it going?

So, I purchased 1 item last month (a scarf), though I had ordered it in 2014 (it did not ship or bill until January as it was backordered). So in actuality I did not shop / purchase last month, but as I decided to keep it I counted it. It's been 6 weeks now, and I have yet to purchase anything- which is a major milestone for me. Additionally, I have not been close to buying anything either- no white knuckling here! There has been some very nice new items in the new spring rollout at my favorite store- and while I am keeping my eye on them, I'm waiting for an excellent coupon for some things and at least a sale + coupon on the others. I'm taking my time planning and browsing, then thinking critically about an item before I consider ordering anything. If I do order something, it will be because it fits all of my criteria and I determined it could be worthy of one of the 19 spots I have left to fill. It's kind of akin to picking MVP's!

What do I have my eye on?

Well, I wrote about some of these pieces last month (this post), but I have eliminated some items and added others. I've taken the extra step and set 'budgets' for each item. When the price hits the right level for me, I may purchase them. As I order online, I may find I don't like the item in reality and return. In order to keep anything, it would need to be an absolute 10.

Want to try:

$140- wait for 30%+ off, because this could sell fast. This could be the perfect easy dress for work and casual!
$88- wait for 40%+ off. Really attracted to the colors/style, but may not work out right on my body in real life. This will probably hit sale before I purchase it as the new 'season' is spring, but luckily I have months of cold weather left in which I could wear it.
$98- wait for 30%+ off, only one of the two colors (probably white). If these sell as fast as the leopard print version, these will sell out long before I get them! I love the leopard shirt, but I ask myself if I want another of the same style. I need to try this one on to figure that out I think.
$160- wait for at least 30% off, because again it's a popular item. This dress would be great for work if it fits perfectly / colorblocking hits the right places

Unsure about:

$170- wait for at least 50% off. This dress could be stunning or ho-hum. There is a white version which I ruled out, but this one peaks my interest (that does not mean it belongs in my closet!).
$98- wait for 50%+ off. This top could be flattering and a really great easy piece, or a disaster if it's too loose/doesn't hit the right places. I do need more tops that go well with my skinnier bottoms, and this one should work both casually and professionally which is a new priority for me.
$78- wait for at least 30% off. Either could make a great fit in my wardrobe if they fit right. The question I ask myself is, do I NEED more pants? My dark skinnies are a bit too dark, and these might be 'just right', and I've been really wanting a pair of red pants for quite some time now.

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