Friday, March 6, 2015


I wanted to apologize for not blogging much lately. I've been very busy at work and have been following my heart on what I need to be doing right now. Well, things are changing for me again!


I've accepted a surprise offer I had from another company and will be starting in two weeks. It's a smaller company and I won't interface with clients as much, so it's even more obvious to me that any wardrobe purchases I make need to be versatile (casual and professional) and more importantly that I do not really need any more clothing. It's a big change for me again, but I am excited.


I've decided to stop tracking my wears in regards to my clothing and accessories. I've done so for more than a year, and I have learned a great deal. Now, my wardrobe is a very manageable size and I know exactly what is pulling its weight and what is not. I don't feel the need to spend that time anymore!

I'm also putting the break on obsessing on my wardrobe. I'd like to occasionally use an outfit journal to gain insight, and review my wardrobe seasonally or as I feel the need, but otherwise I want to dedicate my time to an old passion I've reclaimed. I am writing a novel (fantasy) and stopped back when my daughter was born. I'd like to finish it and maybe even seek publishing it. It's time to follow my heart!

I'll still blog here, as I still have things to share and still plan to talk about minimalism, wardrobe management, and living frugally. I just want to take some of the focus off my wardrobe and live up to minimalism in regards to minimizing what has no or little value to me, in order to dedicate that space and time for that which DOES hold personal value.


  1. Congrats on the new job, and best to you with your book writing! I totally get it. I needed a break from ask the wardrobe focus and rules, too. I thunk it had been good. I look forward to reviewing things anew when I'm back in my normal clothes after this pregnancy. I've started reading "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up", and am excited to determine what evokes joy, and what should go. Look forward to all your posts! I'm on vacation through Monday, but hope to get back into blog mode after my return. A change of pace and scenery has been most helpful! Cheers!

    1. Thank you Rebecca! I love that book- highly recommend it. I just loaned it to my mom!

      I'm also looking forward to your posts! I love reading them :) Pregnancy is hard on the body and our clothes - but I can imagine with multiples it's especially difficult!