Monday, March 9, 2015

Heading to Temptation

I made plans with some ex-coworkers of mine to go to the 6th largest mall in the United States this weekend. Now, for someone who considers herself a 'recovering shopaholic', this could easily be a disaster waiting to happen.

How do I plan to not go overboard?

I'm looking at going to this massive shopping mall as an opportunity to enjoy time with my friends, but also to try on things rather than ordering and returning. The most important thing will be to pay attention to my NEEDS rather than wants, so I plan on entering the shops with a well-thought out list, first and foremost. That list is as follows:
  • A replacement purse
  • A pair of flat sandals for pairing with jeans
  • A replacement pair of tan or light-colored flats
  • Light grey, colored, black, and/or white jeans (replace old ones) if they fit perfectly
  • An amazing top or two
  • 2 new bras (the two old ones no longer fit comfortably)*
  • A swimsuit*
  • Luxurious sleepwear* 
  • Room for a surprise 'love' item
It's important to note that in no way do I intend to purchase all of these items. These are things I can keep my eyes open for throughout the year and may buy them if I find them, and items with a * next to them don't count in my item limit (though I do have to account for them in the budget posts). I also want to note that I have a $50 gift card to Banana Republic / Old Navy from Christmas, and any item(s) I purchase come under gifts rather than the item limit (unless I pay even a penny of my own money). I'm keeping my options open but I likely will use it for my daughter rather than for myself, or I may use it towards an expensive item that still counts in the item limit as I'll still pay out of pocket. Only time will tell!

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  1. Hi Meli!
    I think you've got a good plan. Let us know how you do.