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March 2015 Budget Post

The Rules: 

Out-of-door Clothing (as seen in original post here)
  • I can spend $1500.00 maximum out of pocket.
  • I can purchase 20 items maximum.
  • Re-sale adds money to the budget but not to the item limit.
  • Gifts do not 'count' in the item limit or budget.
  • At-home or underwear does not 'count'.
At-Home Clothing (see in this post here)
  • I can spend $700.00 maximum out of pocket.
  • I can purchase 20 items maximum.
  • Re-sale adds money to the budget but not to the item limit.
  • Gifts do not 'count' in the item limit or budget.
  • Underwear does not 'count' (listed as Other).
This Month:

Out-of-door Clothing:
  • I spent $414.96 this month on  items. I sold items for $138.53 which was added back to the budget. Net spend of $276.43.
  • So far this year, I have spent $694.23 and purchased 10 items. I sold items for $138.53 which was added back to the budget. Net spend of $555.70.
  • I have $944.30 left to spend this year on 10 items. This is about $94.43 each.
  • I received a $50 gift card for Christmas which is still unspent.
At-home Clothing:
  • I have spent $85.26 this month on 4 items.
  • So far this year, I have spent $85.26 and purchased 4 items.
  • I have $614.74 left to spend this year on 16 items. This is about $38.42 each.
Other (under-clothing):
  • I have spent $74.73 this month on 2 items.
  • So far this year, I have spent $74.73 and purchased 2 items.
  • I have no limits on these items (budget or quantity).

I did well the first half of this month, but then I went on a shopping spree, binge-style. You see, my favorite store had a mega-sale which I was able to combine with a coupon I had 'earned'. I also recently realized (see this post) that I desperately needed to replace some of my at-home clothing. I went hog-wild at the sale, rationalizing that I can return anything I don't really like and wanting to 'try' all too many things. I also had to meet a particular minimum to use the coupon, so I added in things when needed to be able to use the coupon that I liked enough to 'try'. I certainly can call what I ordered in total this month a fail! At first this month, I only ordered one jacket (the leather jacket). Later, I ordered EIGHT additional orders across a couple of days. Sale items were rolling in, and items that were not available/sold out suddenly popped back as available again. I suppose the temptation was all too much, and I went on a major binge. 

All I can say is that I remedied the situation as best I could (see below on returns, etc) but I found some items impossible to return. I'm still going to stick to my guns and hold to my commitment on the budgets and item limits, irregardless of the fact that I bought too-many items this month! I also have one item that has not been sent yet (or deducted from my account!), as it's on backorder which will be in the next month's budget, just for accountability's sake.

Out-of-door Clothing Purchases: 5, $414.96
WHBM Toffee Open Leather Jacket $220.58 with tax
This jacket had been catching my eye for some time, but at $450 it was much too pricey- almost 1/3 the budget! It hit sale and there was a coupon that could be combined with the sale, so I went for it. I knew the color and style would be unique in my wardrobe, so I was excited to try it. I was happily not disappointed. 10/10

WHBM Printed Embellished Top $61.59
I fell in love with this top. I tried it on in-store when I was out shopping in the mall (they didn't have my size) and was immediately convinced that I needed it in my wardrobe. I LOVE it. 10/10

Turquoise Handbag, $32.39 with tax.
This purse is really nice. It's just the right size and I love the color. It's replacing my colorblock purse, which has been beaten up and the pockets have torn. 10/10

WHBM Black Dress $39.02
I've contemplated this dress many, many times. It's gorgeous, a perfect fit, and lightweight enough for summer. I decided that for the fit and price, I couldn't go wrong- plus, I do have an occasion in mind for it and it's tastefully sexy. 10/10.

WHBM Quilted Knit Black Jacket $61.38

I've wanted this jacket since it sold out in the fall. I bought it and wore it immediately. It's a lot like my other black jacket, but it's a stretchy knit and works better casually while looking smart at the office. The other one is a flared peplum with 3/4 sleeves. This one has got a great texture and sheen. I wear my other black jacket 2x+ a week so it'll be nice to give it a bit of a break. Though I do wonder if I was wrong to break the 'one and done' rule! 10/10

At-home Purchases: 4, $85.26

WHBM Sweater $22.98
This topper is very pretty! While it's a little bit overwhelming on 5'4" me fashionably speaking- I LOVE it! It's warm and pretty and is a fantastic cover-up. 11/10

WHBM Black Top $23.02
This top is a comfortabe stretchy knit. I usually would not wear a revealing top out of the home, as it does dip a bit low. At home though I think it'll be just the right thing to keep me feeling good about myself and not feeling frumpy, and I don't have to worry if it's a tad too low for work since it won't go to work! It also has a nice double-layered fabric (or lining) in front. 9/10

WHBM Red Top $23.66
This top is just like the one in black, and I wanted more color. 9/10

WHBM Black Tunic Top $15.60
With this top, I found my at-home 'formula'! I discovered while long-over-lean looks best on me with heels, I adore it for at-home wear. I'm just sad all the other colors sold out!!! 11/10! *Update- there were some popbacks in grey and crimson, which I jumped on but will be part of April's budget as I just ordered them!

Other Purchases: 2

Two Victorias Secret Bras- $74.73
These were sorely needed purchases. They come out of a separate budget, but I promised to share all purchases so my shopping was portrayed accurately. My last two bras were purchased two+ years ago, just after pregnancy and used while I breast-fed. They were horribly stretched out and chafed. I was sized (surprisingly, I'm between a 32DDD  and a 34DD) and purchased two that will be much more comfortable than the two I've been suffering with. I expect a few more 'other' purchases next month in terms of nude stockings and a workout bra, but otherwise won't need anything probably until winter again.



WHBM Black Top $30.69
I though this top might work for home, but I found it to not be flattering at all. Sent back!

WHBM Black Pants $38.15
I had hoped these pants would work for home, but they were awful- tight fitted denim-like slacks rather than the legging I hoped for. Returned.

WHBM Knit Pants $23.02
These pants turned out to be really nice but too corporate to pass at home. Sadly returned as I don't need more work pants.

WHBM Jean Blazer $99.75
I saw Bridgette Raes feature this blazer and thought I'd give it a try as I need more items that straddle the casual/business line. In person, it was plain muted dark denim rather than 'nice' denim. The picture made me think it had a sheen, and it didn't. The blazer itself fit large and was too corporate-like despite the fabric. Returned.

WHBM Tights $5.32
These were ordered only to increase the total to be able to use a coupon. Return!

WHBM Red Dress $53.40
This dress was on my wishlist for months now. It was reduced by a huge amount now, so I ordered it. It turns out the flare hit exactly the wrong place on me, making me look all hips. Too bad!!

WHBM Suit Jacket $69.04
The fit of this jacket was a disaster on me, mo more needs to be said!

WHBM Striped Top $31.18
This top was sadly about 2 sizes too big! I wasn't enamored with the delicate lace for home either. 

WHBM Red Pants $23.41
These pants were wannabe-slacks and were not right for at-home wear. 

WHBM Striped Sweater $30.69
Sadly, this sweater was not as nice in-person. The grey stripes were metallic and it wasn't a perfect fit on me.

WHBM Black Jeans $31.58
I've been really wanting a different pair of jeans (rather than standard blue). I tried these but I didn't like them, I was hoping for a solid black color rather than what it is. The color is difficult to describe but it's not what I wanted.

WHBM White Skinny Jeans $38.35

These were almost a win. The issue was that they kept bunching at the knees and were a bit roomy in the wrong places!


Out-of-door Clothing:

WHBM Printed Tiered Top
Much as I loved the print and color of this top, the fit has always been fussy. I avoid it because of this. I wore it again in early March when I needed something dressy, and I couldn't wait to take it off. It's sad this didn't work out- and even worse, I have another in black that has the same issue that was purchased long before this one. I could have avoided this failure! I know now that to add an additional top in a style I already own, it needs to be an 'all star'. I liked how the black one looked on me more, but I need to wear it again to see if I want to keep it.

Colorblock Purse
This purse has been through the ringer. It's time to let it go! The pockets are torn inside and it's mostly unusable at this point. It photographs much nicer than it looks in real life.

Sold- $138.53

WHBM Printed Ruffle Top- $19.00 + $0.70 shipping kickback

WHBM Blue Printed Ruffle Top- $19.50 + $0.70 shipping kickback

WHBM Printed Skirt- $29 + $0.70 shipping kickback

WHBM Printed Embellished Cardigan- $26.33 + $0.70 shipping kickback

WHBM Printed Tiered Top- $19.50 + $0.70 shipping kickback

WHBM Printed Tie-neck Top- $21.00 + $0.70 shipping kickback

Purges that came back: 

NYandCo Sparkle Cardigan
I purged this cardigan, but ended up bringing it back! I needed a black cardigan rather than a dressy jacket. It's on my list to purchase this year, but in the meantime this'll have to do! *update- now that I have the knit black jacket that is a tad more casual, this might go back into the purged bag again. We'll see next month.

Shopping List

So, how'd I do on my shopping list? I created this list in December 2014, when I was planning my budget and it is subject to change!

Spring/Summer Items- 5
  • Flat pair of sandals
  • Replacement tan flats- updated to open jacket- the flats will last 1 more season- purchased
  • Blouse in a vibrant print
  • White blouse- purchased
  • New Gray or colored jeans - purchased dark denim jeans
Fall/Winter Items- 4
  • Replacement winter coat
  • Replacement winter boots- black
  • Replacement sweater
  • Ankle Boots
  • Replacement Black Cardigan
All Season Items- 12
  • Replacement purse - purchased
  • New pair of mid-height black heels - updated to little black dress - purchased
  • Necklace -updated or scarf
  • Earrings -updated or bracelet
  • Bracelet- updated to white blazer
  • Scarf in multiple colors - purchased
  • 2- updated to 1 top that works professionally and casually- updated to a jacket that works casually - purchased
  • New Jacket or Blazer- changed to Professional Dress - purchased
  • Wrap style or flowy dress - purchased

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