Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Wishlist

I wanted to share my wishlist again to show my thought process through this 5-piece wardrobe.

I've purchased 6 things so far this year, which means I only have 14 total items left I can purchase. I'll need at least a winter coat, winter boots, flat sandals, ankle boots, and a sweater bringing me down to 9 items.

This was on my wishlist but has been ordered (bringing me down to 8 items!):
Printed top- $78

I'm quickly running out of items I can purchase, which was to be expected really. I'm trying very hard to be careful, only get things that sing to me, and be mindful that any future LOVE items will be off the table if I get something now. 

Current Wishlist

My current wishlist is 7 items. These items are being considered but I am not 'sure' of them:
White blazer- $150
I've always wanted a white blazer and this one may be 'the one'!
Denim Blazer- $130
This would be great for all kinds of venues.

Red dress- $69.99
Still thinking about this- and it's on sale now!

Black earrings- $30
Lovely earrings to replace the ones I lost.

Scarf- $48
Beautiful scarf in several colors- would go with a lot of things and would bring some color to my mostly blue, black, and white wardrobe.

Top- $98
I still like the look of this.

Black jeans- $39.99
Great price, and I'm hoping to find jeans in another color other than blue. To be honest with my self, I really want red or grey too (can NOT find this year!).

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