Friday, April 3, 2015

Love it, Wear it Challenge- Month One

decided to join with Debbie Roes with her LIWI Wardrobe Challenge this month. I decided to stop tracking my outfits / wear per item as it was tiring and not providing me the benefit I sought. I decided to take this challenge on because it is very simple and does not take much time (I even already had most of the photos of my clothing!), but is beneficial in that it will help me further refine my wardrobe.

The premise of the challenge is to wear only what you love, and to hang those loved items in a separate area from the rest of your wardrobe (even if it's on the same rack but with something 'dividing' the sections, like me- a winter coat separates mine). You slowly add to the 'love' section as you wear what you have, and anything you don't love gets purged. Additionally, anything you pull from the 'love' section should continue to be loved- or purged.

I have a more than adequate wardrobe in terms of size, but perhaps not as much in terms of functionality. My hope is that this challenge will help me identify items I can let go of, what is 'missing', and what things I should buy no more of.

What I learned this month:

I'm learning more than I expected with this challenge. I've been leaning more and more towards simpler outfits and less of what was my style before- big/overly-ruffled tops and loud jewelry have mostly lost their appeal. I'm enjoying simpler silhouettes and simpler jewelry now (or I let the jewelry be the 'star' in a simple outfit) and I really think I'm getting closer to 'me' in my style. Looking at my LIWI wardrobe pictured below, it looks very complete and cohesive. I think this wardrobe def. 'sparks joy' for me!

I wore 29 clothing items, 8 pairs of shoes, and 22 accessories counting gloves, hats, and scarves as well as jewelry this month. I'm particularly surprised that I've only worn 7 tops and one sweater, and only 3 pairs of trousers! I need to rethink what my needs are- while I have felt a little boredom in not having many tops to choose from,  My other 9 tops and 3 sweaters are either the wrong season/too lightweight or may need to be purged, and the same goes for my 5 other pairs of trousers. I only purged two items from my closet this month. I expect to have more time to really look through and/or purge things next month. I just started a new job in the middle of this month and have not had the time!.

My 'LIWI' Closet:

The following items were worn over the 31 days this month and placed in my 'love' wardrobe:

Pants and Jeans- 5
Dresses- 4

Tops- 7
Sweaters and Cardigans- 4
Jackets- 4

Outerwear- 1

Foundation items- 4

Shoes- 8

Accessories- Necklaces- 7
Accessories- Bracelets- 2

Accessories- Earrings- 9

Accessories- Other- 5

Purges: 2

Based on the LIWI principle, the following was let go:

This top was too fussy. It's tiered and has a white underside, so when it pulls ever so slightly you can see the white part. It's also very form fitting and a bit low cut. It never was a favorite of mine, much as I like the print.

This purse was too worn out to be anything but a burden. The pockets were all torn inside and it was replaced with the blue purse above. It photographs nicer than it looks!

What is left unworn:

I had 80 items of clothing and 60 accessories all-told at the end of March. I wore 29 items of clothing and 31 accessories, leaving me with 51 items of clothing and 37 accessories unworn.


  1. good luck with the wearing what you love! I love 95% if what I have but sometimes I still feel like I have too much! I have a brocade blazer I love, but winter is over and I didn't wear it once! hmmm. because I needed to fix the buttons or because I didn't 'need' it? :) mary

  2. What an impressive post! You have great items that pair well together. I love the purple wrap dress! Good luck on your journey, it's not an easy process!