Saturday, April 11, 2015

Shopping Review 1st Quarter


I've been doing a 5-item wardrobe/20 item challenge this year. I also started another similar challenge for my at-home wardrobe, which only started in March so I will review those items in the next quarterly installment. Similarly I bought no other items until March, so today I'm only reviewing the 'out-the-door' purchases.

I really think that the 20 item limit has been extremely beneficial for me, along with the recently added LIWI challenge.  I feel like I have a great grasp of what my needs and wants are (though I'm constantly learning), and the teeny item limit helps me keep focused, controlled, and prioritize my needs vs. wants.

I bought 10 items the first quarter, which was a little too much, if we're spacing out those 20 items between the 12 months. I really should have purchased half that amount if I were spacing this out properly, so I have to slow it down quite a bit in the months to come and really focus on what my future needs will be. I spent $649.23 on those ten items, and my budget is $1500 so I have $944.30 left to spend on the next 10 items. This is a good thing, as in those future purchases I'll have to buy more expensive items like a winter coat and boots this fall. Out of those 10 items, 9 are really items I love and use, and 1 item is undetermined because I have not worn it yet.

In comparison to last year, I actually have purchased one more item this year! This was a surprise. I did most of my shopping later in the year, and I had a shopping ban in February which probably made a big difference as well. Of those 9 purchases that I made, only 3 items are still in my closet. I wasn't as focused or as picky as I was this year, and I know for certain as we look back in future updates that things will look a lot different.

'Undetermined' Purchases- 1 item, $39.02

WHBM Black Dress $39.02
This dress was purchased in March, and has not been worn yet. I hope it'll work out to be a great purchase, but as it's unworn I really cannot say that it's a good purchase!

'Good' Purchases- 9 items, $610.21
WHBM Blue Printed and Embellished Scarf, $20.69
This scarf was bought in January has been worn several times, enough to convince me that I could use another one in a different color/print!

WHBM Navy Striped Dress- $26.25
This dress was bought in late February and I've worn this dress twice already. I really like the ease and the shape of it.

WHBM White Surplice Blouse- $62.71 
I bought this blouse in February and I really love it. I've only worn it 4 times because it's pure white and difficult to keep clean, and it needs special care to wash.

WHBM Colorblock Sheath Dress- $114.01
This dress was also purchased in February. I've only worn it once so far because it's formal and very fitted. It's really beautiful and will be in my closet for a long time to come.

WHBM Dark Wash Skinny Jean- $55.58
These jeans have been practically glued to my body since I bought them in February. Obviously, these are all-stars!

WHBM Toffee Open Leather Jacket $220.58 with tax
This jacket was purchased in March and is lovely. I've only worn it twice, but I'm certain it will get more wear.

WHBM Mint Printed Embellished Top $61.59
This top was purchased in March and has been worn once due to the cold weather, but I really adore it. I'm sure it'll be a warm-weather all star.

Turquoise Handbag, $32.39 with tax
This bag has been used daily since it's purchase in March. It's a great pop of color and coordinates well with my wardrobe,

WHBM Quilted Knit Black Jacket $61.38

This jacket is similar in some ways to another jacket I wear that is an all-star. I bought it in March and have worn it 3 times, and it's a really great jacket. It's worn in different circumstances, which makes me believe that it was worth adding to my wardrobe despite the 'duplication'. The other jacket is 3/4 sleeves and is shorter with a peplum waist.

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