Monday, July 13, 2015

What I did this weekend

Hello! I was ill the last few days, but was able to put together a few scrapbook pages. I decided to post these two because I really like how they came out.

These pictures were taken when my daughter was a baby, about 2 years ago. I'm looking up the date from the digital files of the pictures so I can write it on the little notebook paper on the second page.

If you're unfamiliar with scrapbooks, there's a lot of variety when it comes to styles and what people like to do with their pages. The general rule is to use acid-free paper and 'embellishments' (for instance, the paper and fabric flowers you see on my pages).

In these pages, I have used several different patterned papers, flowers, 'brads' (used to attach the flowers and the lace ribbon by punching through the paper), a paper doily cut in half, lace ribbon, and some card stock stickers to decorate the pictures. For me, it's a bit of an artistic/creative outlet that I enjoy. These two pages go side by side in an album and were designed to coordinate, called a two-page layout. The papers and stickers come from the same line (Simple Stories- Vintage Bliss), the rest of the items are a mix of different manufacturers and lines. I don't typically use coordinated paper (from a line), I tend to mix my own but these papers were my favorites and were just too perfect together,

First Page:
Second page:

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Stormy Weather

So, I've had some troubles in the last months. I reverted to old habits (shopping compulsively) and am struggling to find clarity. I've had other issues such as trouble controlling a sudden anger I've developed/over-reacting to some things, and trouble sleeping. The strangest thing is that it happened out of the blue! I've begun to see a therapist, and likely won't be blogging very often right now- or at least, particularly about fashion until I feel like I have some control again.

Would it be a problem for those that read if I begin to post about other hobbies I love as well? For example, I'm getting back into scrapbooking (which I overshopped for, yet again, and as of today am on a ban for purchasing anything that is not literal supplies I NEED/adhesive for example, once I run out) until I can get to a healthier place. I hope that focusing energy on working creatively with what I already have, rather than online browsing/shopping, will help me.

I'm sorry everyone for failing so terribly when things were going so well. I've got a lot of shame and anxiety about it.