Monday, September 21, 2015

KonMari- some befores and afters

Currently, I'm in the middle of my KonMari festival. I've completed clothing, books, and toys. I may have some room to go back and re-do, but I'm satisfied so far. I've got papers next, which I have gathered all together and just need some time to do. I also have been collecting like things together so that it's easier when I reach that category, and I've been ditching every item I come across that I know does not spark 'joy', irregardless of category order. These rooms are nearly done and look great in my opinion, so I've posted some before/after pictures for you to enjoy. Please don't judge the messy before pictures too harshly!

Before and After: Corner of Living Room
Notes: Need to finish painting and probably find a new home for my daughters table and chairs.

Before and After: Living Room Bookshelf
Notes: Would like to hang the painting in a different location or at least not so close to bookshelf.

Before and After: Living Room Entryway
Notes: Not sure if I need to do anything here!

Before and After: Living Room
Notes: Get some curtains! Also would like to replace the sofa one day.

Before and After: Dining Room
Notes: Get some curtains!

I have many more places to finish- the bathroom, kitchen, my bedroom, the spare room/my daughters room, porch, mud room/laundry room, and the garage. I'm sure this really will take 6 months to finish, like the book says!


  1. Looks great! I've gotten nowhere on my decluttering efforts, but I plan to focus on my clothes this weekend. I always seem to start 9and end) there. Sigh. Also, I believe you have the same sofa that I do. We hope to replace ours in the next year or two.

    1. Thanks! Nice to see you still around :) I know how it goes, I was doing this back in January and restarted just recently. It's funny we have the same sofa! I got mine used on craigslist, it's getting time to get a 'real' couch since it's very beat up and losing it's shape- but I suspect we won't replace it until early 2017.

  2. it's so nice to hear that you are feeling better and in the flow! I find when I am gentle with my past failings I always get more done after -- not sure if that works for you. :)