Friday, October 30, 2015

Outfit Post- Tuesday October 27

Black Surplice Top- White House Black Market 2014
Black Camisole: Express 2011
Leopard Skirt: White House Black Market Fall 2012
Shoes: Fergalicious 2014
Bracelet: House of Harlow Fall 2014
Necklace and Earrings: White House Black Market 2015, 2014

I wear this skirt a couple times a year usually. I love it, but it's pretty fancy and doesn't really work as a 'staple' for me, more as a fun accent. I'm glad I pulled it out to wear it, because even though the shape is not perfect for me, it's still a great skirt! 9/10.

I looked and only found one picture of me in this skirt in my archives (1/14/13, first day back from Maternity Leave):

Throwbacks from 10/27/2009 and 10/27/2010:

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Outfit Post- Monday October 26

Black Chiffon-Layered Top: Vince Camuto Fall 2015
Black Camisole (can't see): Express 2011
Shiny Pin-striped Pants: Express Spring 2015
Burgundy Heels: Clarks 2014
Necklace and Earrings: White House Black Market 2015

This was a great Monday outfit. I felt very stylish and confident about this one. The top is much more flowy than I would typically wear on a non-casual day, but it really worked well and made me think that I can wear some more unusual pieces and still be appropriate. 10/10!

And for fun, a throwback from 10/26/2009 and 10/26/2010 (no October OOTD's from 2011-2014). I was 21 and 22 then, now am 28. I was about 120-130 pounds, now am about 145. As you can see, I didn't know what I was doing back then- and tried to dress 'older' so I was taken seriously in the office with all the much more mature women:

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Outfit post- Friday Oct 23

Long time no see! I figured I'd start posting my outfits again, in order to appreciate my wardrobe more and mix up what I'm wearing (it's easy to wear the same things all the time).

I'm posting under the daily outfit post thread on Debbie Roe's Facebook Page (End Closet Chaos), so I'm sorry if some of you see this twice. At least, on the blog I'll outline what I'm wearing.

Plum Cashmere tunic Sweater- Garnet Hill, Fall 2015
Nude Tank (underneath)- Soma Fall 2015
Black Skinny Jeans- White House Black Market, Spring 2015
Burgundy Heels- Clarks, 2014
Necklace & Earrings- White House Black Market 2013 and 2015

I wish the picture was clearer! I love the ruffled hem of this sweater, it's really lovely. The burgundy heels are brighter in person as well.This was worn on a casual friday, and I felt good about it because the heels were sexy but the rest was covered up and appropriate (IMO).

I wouldn't really change much about this outfit, I'd rate it a 9.5/10.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ups and Downs

In the interest of transparency

So, not surprising to anyone who has struggled with shopping addiction or any other addiction, I'm having a very 'low' moment. Everything was going along just perfectly. Then, I found the perfect clothing line to update my worn-out, terrible lounge / sleep wear. When I got my first order, I was hooked- it was lovely soft, purely comfortable clothing I've been missing out on ALL MY LIFE! And I had a legitimate need for these clothes. I've been wearing my poor husband's t-shirts and boxers, that's how bad the state of my sleep wardrobe was.

Shopping leads to shopping

The problem? I over-shopped, in a way trying to replace everything all at once, instead of in measured doses. It was like turning on the water, and then the handle breaks. I couldn't stop! I had to get my daughter's birthday party dress and decorations, which was more shopping (albeit again, needed). But then I went on, in my shopping habit, and purchased things for my fall wardrobe. Things that I hadn't needed until I saw them on the websites. I also over-shopped for my kid, who really didn't need everything I purchased.

The damage

I had originally decided I could get a couple sweaters and a winter coat when I find the right one for my out-the-door wardrobe. Instead, this is what I have on its way: 6 dresses, 9 blouses, 1 trench coat, 1 blazer, 1 jacket, 3 pairs of pants, 7 sweaters, 3 tees, and 3 cardigans. I mean, really. What? I'm betting at least 1/2 of this will be returned, but I am hoping to find some things I like. I wouldn't mind having a couple nice dresses I can wear into winter that are not as tight as the ones I have right now, and some variety in tops. The t-shirts are an experiment since I never wear tees, and the cardigans were just really pretty... well, you get the picture. Not my finest moment, that's for sure.

This is all in addition to the lounge/sleep wear I have added: 11 pairs of underwear, 4 tops, 2 bras (exchanging for a size up), 4 leggings, 1 pr pants, 3 tunics, 2 camis, 5 shorts, 2 chemises, 1 robe. These were all pretty necessary though, since I only have a few fuzzy pants and tops in addition to this, and my under garments are in need of replacement. I'm pretty stoked with these items, just a bit upset about the cost because I wasn't planning on spending so much at once.

As for my daughter- I purchased a variety of items for her, mostly because she fights me most mornings and wants only to wear dresses. So I got some tops with tulle skirts to layer with leggings, more thick leggings, and some sweaters and long-sleeve tees to layer with. She didn't need it all, it was just cute, mostly her taste, and easy.


So, why did I order so many things for my out-the-door wardrobe? Some of these items are really expensive and from brands I've never tried, which is unusual for me. I ordered two Garnet Hill cashmere sweaters and a Vince Camuto chiffon-layered top, as well as two nice dresses, one from Ellen Tracy and one from Adrianna Pappell. I really hope my expensive items work out, because they'd be a real treat and real 'gems'. The bulk of this stuff, however, was cheap, from NY&Co and Ann Taylor. I don't have high hopes for much of it but I do hope some things end up being quality.

I ordered because I was feeling bored with my small wardrobe (at least, that's the excuse I used) and really pleased with the new fall items I saw that I have not tried out before- especially since my best colors are all the rage right now (teal, purple, burgundy, cobalt, navy). I also have been very lonely with my husband working extreme hours, and in general allowed browsing and wanting and buying to become a new focus in order to ignore how I feel.

What to do

I feel like I got the 'shopping' somewhat out of my system as far as I have ordered everything I could possibly like or want, except a nice purple cowl neck sweater that I cannot find for the life of me. I still find myself browsing because it was fun to do it, and fun to anticipate those items. I need to find more fun in my life in other things! I was writing my book, but feel a little blocked and have not done much in the last week or two. I was doing scrapbooking, but it's been 6 weeks since I've made time for it. I was KonMari-ing my home, but ran out of steam and have gotten frustrated with the clutter.

I need to refocus my energy on doing these things and stop browsing, which begins the wanting, then purchasing cycle all over again. I need to print out a picture of that dresser and tape it to my ipod and computer monitor so every time I get on it I realize that every $ spent puts me further away from what I really want!

Do you have any tips that you think would help me?