Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Good Reason to KonMari

Here's a little short story to make you laugh. I shared it to a KonMari facebook group but thought I'd also share it here.

Last night, I picked up my 3 year old daughter from daycare. The provider hands me a plastic bag and tells me that my daughter sneaked a pair of my underwear (lacy and racy at that!) to school and pulled it out of her backpack to show everyone, saying 'Look my mommy's underwear!'.

As embarrassing (and hilarious) as this may be, I'll be using this as a prime example of why we should KonMari:

  • Thanks to KonMari, I had thrown out every holey, pilly, shabby, and stained pair of underwear! The ones I have left are 'presentable' and cute, even though I never expected them to need to be so.
  • Thanks to KonMari, I have been keeping on top of the laundry and had no dirty laundry in my daughter's reach.

So, it could have been worse! As for parenting, we talked to my little one about how underwear are private and not for showing people, and reinforced previous conversations about not taking anything to daycare or from daycare. I don't know where this came from, since we have never made a big deal over underwear! She did just turn 3 so we'll see if she actually took it to heart.

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