Tuesday, January 19, 2016

KonMari: Clothing in Storage

What is KonMari?

Check out this post here, the 1st post in this series.

KonMari-ing Clothing in Storage

Please note: I posted the 'KonMari: Household Cloths' accidentally before this one! I did these first.

Apart from my wardrobe and my child's wardrobe is the clothing in storage- my maternity clothing and my child's clothing in future seasons/sizes. I have separate clothing in storage that I'm saving for sentimental, clothing my daughter used and I am keeping for a hopeful second daughter one day (all sizes, so far I have newborn to 2T sizes in storage). Sentimental items are to be addressed at the end of the KonMari process, and since I'm at the beginning I cannot take those on just yet.

I decided to treat the stored clothing like a separate category rather than all with the current clothing because these clothes are different from the things in current use. I typically keep too many things in this category for my daughter because I get hand-me downs from a couple sources, and sometimes buy a few new things in the next size for future use (for example, in fall buying summer clothing on sale for the next year). The purchased items are almost never the problem, but the hand-me-downs accumulate, and they are often not my taste.

The Process

I pulled out ALL of my daughter's 'future' clothing and piled it together. There's clothing for this spring/summer (3T and some 2T from last year that were over-sized) all the way to size 5T. As you can see, this was a pretty big pile!

I was also going to KonMari my maternity wear, but most of my maternity wear is actually on loan with my sister-in-law, who is expecting my little niece on April 2nd! The few items she did not take were already in a vacuum-sealed bag, so I just moved it with the rest of the baby stuff I'm saving (will KonMari when I get to sentimental).

The Results

This is the 'donate' pile- all things that I wasn't thrilled with for whatever reason and don't see myself putting on my child. It was a large bag of stuff! I forgot to count it up again, but rest assured it was probably 40-50 items. Mostly dowdy and out-of-style stuff like horribly loose, stiff, wide jeans, ugly dresses and shorts, etc.

I found that my daughter is MORE than set for spring and summer for this year. She's got too much, actually, but I'm afraid I need to save what I like because inevitably some of these items are not going to fit her correctly (the hand-me-downs from my niece, for example, who is a very very thin child vs. my daughter) or she won't like them. I really should not buy her anything at all except maybe a couple pairs of pajamas for warm weather and socks. This was a surprise- so I'm glad I found out BEFORE I went shopping or was tempted by spring sales! She also has a good amount of clothing for next year, but I will definitely need to fill the 'holes'. I should not accept hoodies/jackets or jeans in size 4T hand-me-downs, which is good info to know. I do have barely anything for the next size up (5T) so I will still be gladly accepting hand-me-downs in those sizes!

A note about hand-me-downs: I only keep and use clothing that is in very good condition. I cannot stand the idea of putting my child in rough, scratchy fabric from improper laundering (too high heat in the dryer, usually), or holey/stained/overly faded clothing. The fashionista in me also dislikes clothes that are usable but not 'nice'- you know, ugly or outdated. I went through that as a child due to monetary circumstances. I can afford to dress my child in all new (but less quantity!), but I prefer hand-me-downs because children's clothing seems so wasteful. They often are barely used before they've outgrown it!

All clothing that I don't want to keep for a future hopeful daughter (the 'donate' pile) goes back to my SIL for my future niece. I also make sure to give back things that were my niece's, because I know her mom will appreciate having them for her newest daughter. She's sentimental like myself and views hand-me-downs like myself. It's funny, really- I love the things I bought for my niece (we have always been very generous towards her wardrobe), and using them for my daughter sparks joy!

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