Monday, January 18, 2016

KonMari: Household Cloths

What is KonMari?

Check out this post here, the 1st post in this series.

KonMari-ing Household 'Cloths'

I wasn't sure what category this belong to, but since Marie talks about keeping like things with like in her new book 'Spark Joy', I decided to do the other cloth items in my home as the next category.

This means that I had to do: Sheets, blankets, pillows including couch pillows, towels, oven mitts, table cloths, curtains, rugs, etc. The difficult part of this process is that I do not like most of what I have, but need them. I decided that anything I needed could stay until I replace it, but that I'll try to buy TRUE joy-sparkers when I do replace them.

The Process

Just like before: Pile everything up in one pile. This pile is missing our bath towels (only own 4, so need to keep), my daughter's bedding (only own 1 set), blankets and pillows in the wash (all keepers, I made sure of that prior to putting in the wash), and curtains that are currently in use (which I want to replace one day).  That is my 3 year old sitting in the pile. It's huge, but we own very little in the way of these things so it's really smaller than you'd expect for a family of 3.

The Results

I tossed (donation): 1 rug, 1 curtain, 2 pillows, 6 pillowcases, 2 blankets, 2 baby blankets, 1 sheet and 1 fitted sheet, 4 dish towels, 1 handmade throw, and who knows what else. I forgot to count these up. It's so odd, finding all this excess JUNK that hides in every corner of the home. Why did I bother keeping, folding, and storing all this stuff? Many of these are items I upgraded, but for some reason never let go of the original crap. I also put four baby blankets away in storage for the hopeful next baby.

I also had the husband help me sort a box of random wires, batteries, parts, tools, and cables, his toys, and some of his clothes (stuff that was in the closet). We let go of a trash bin of STUFF, 4 hoodies, 1 coat, 2 dress shirts, and 8 belts.  I made the mistake of not counting or taking pics so this is what I remember!

I wanted to note about the husband's toys and the sorting through electric cables- he kept every last toy and most of the cables. I was at first disappointed, expecting him to really let go of at least SOME of his toys (RC cars!). But then, I realized that I was being unfair. If he really loved those things, he had every right to keep them. And not just keep them in the deep dark corners of the closet- we agreed that we would find a place in our new 'office' to display them so he could see them. I believe Marie Kondo's advice in her new book is right- if you hate something a family member loves, take some time to look at it and touch it. I discovered I could tolerate them and that they deserved to be loved just like any of the items I enjoy that my husband may not. I never knew how unfair I had been! The electric cables and other stuff on the other hand- it reinforced how much of a 'saver' he is. In his perspective, any of those things we could need or want later, so we should save them! Even an old (8 years!) phone with some stupidly old contacts on it he may want one day. At the end of the day, it was a much smaller box of stuff than we started out with, so on the whole I'm satisfied. Maybe we can go through it again in 6 months and reduce it further.

I also did a quick run through (not true KonMari) of bathroom items (makeup, lotions, etc) and art/crafty stuff because the visual clutter was driving me mad- I let go of another two small trash bins of stuff. I moved all the clothing I was storing for another future baby girl (if/when!), and my closet is finally looking good:

Left is mine (including 3 drawers), right is Hubby's. His space on top of the drawers now has his 2 pairs of soccer shoes and gym bag, not pictured. Please note- we have two 4-drawer dressers in addition to this. Husband owns 7 of the 8 drawers- the other drawer houses my lingerie. He also has an additional drawer in the bed (storage bed) for his martial arts clothes!

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