Friday, January 15, 2016

KonMari-ing my Toddler's Clothing

What is KonMari?

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KonMari-ing my Daughter's Clothing

The first principal of KonMari is to do your own belongings first, then to help family members. I finished my clothing/accessories and went straight into my daughter's current clothing, primarily because she just turned 3 and I am still responsible for her clothing. Again, I had just done laundry so this was pretty much every stitch of clothing. I followed the method, and piled everything on the bed again.

The Process

The pile

Marie believes by age 3, children can participate in KonMari and even learn to fold. While my child is very intelligent and recently turned 3, I don't think this is the right age for my daughter to teach her to fold. I'll reconsider in another 6 months or year, but she's very active and is not likely to want to sit for long periods of time to fold. She's just like her mother and is likely to get frustrated and angry if she can't do something exactly like she wants to do it (perfectionist!). She has much more fun UNFOLDING, to be honest. She has just enough dexterity I believe to accomplish the task, albeit slowly, but again I have decided to teach her to fold at a later point. I did try to involve her in the KonMari process. She would come and go as her attention wandered, and I would ask her about different items as I could. She said yes to everything, even the things she refuses to wear! I tried to talk sense into her, but she is just 3 years old. "This is too small for you, we should give it to another little girl", or "When I ask you to put this on, you don't like it." She adamantly refused to part with anything. Since mommy rules here, I knew I had to do it on my own.

My approach was to sort through the items through her 'eyes'. I knew what things she loved and fit, they were immediately kept even if they were not my favorites. Things that were getting too small were pulled out into my 'keep for another child' pile, unless they were too worn or I didn't like them. Things she didn't like to wear I put into one of the two piles, even if I liked them.

The Results
Toss Pile
I had 26 items of clothing and 4 pairs of shoes for the 'keep for another child' pile, and a large grocery bag full of items to give away (maybe another 45-50 items)! Not a single item is something she has missed.

Socks, undies, swimsuit, dress shoes. (Forgot picture of other drawer, all shoes)
Pajamas (short two sets)
Pants and Leggings
We don't use the thin leggings at the moment due to temperatures, but I didn't bother to store with the future season stuff that's a mess right now (next on the list to sort).
Dresses and Tops
Sweaters, jackets, snowsuit
Dresses (for lack of other storage, it's on the window at the moment!)

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