Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Outfits and an Important Lesson

A Style Course

I purchased a style course by Bridgette Raes called 'Why Dress for Success Doesn't Work' last night, and spent the rest of the night doing the course! Without revealing the information contained in the course, I wanted to write a little about it and how it inspired me. I read Bridgette's blog very frequently, and still think I got excellent value out of her course. It didn't apply 100% to me because I don't have as many struggles dressing myself for work perhaps as the average person the course is directed to (thanks to being a avid reader of hers who follows a lot of her principals), and a lot of the information in the course is available in small doses on her blog. Overall though, it was worth the price and helped me change my perspective on the way I am dressing for work.

How it Inspired Me

One of the (many) exercises in the course is putting many different outfits together using the same base layer (a dress, or blouse and pant, or blouse and skirt for example) by changing up the accessories and layering pieces we use. This method is great for many reasons- it helps us better utilize the pieces in our wardrobe, it teaches us to use the same pieces many ways so we don't need to buy more things, it jogs our creativity which will help with our satisfaction in what we are wearing, and it can help eradicate both the 'I'm bored with my wardrobe' and 'I have nothing to wear'  that we're all so familiar with. I've been sorely lacking in changing up my outfits lately in particular- wearing the same combinations over and over, and feeling very 'blah' and bored. This inevitably leads to shopping for me! So, I decided to do this for myself and try to build outfits using items I already own. Below, I decided to style a new top I very recently purchased but have not worn yet:

The Outfits
Putting these outfits together was a lot of fun. I tried to mix it up and go a little outside my typical comfort zone. I found that I'd really love some green, cognac, and yellow accessories, which I don't currently own, but that I own plenty in blues and burgundy. I have many other items that I could style this top with, but the looks themselves wouldn't be too different in silhouette or color combinations so I only did the above 4.

The 'Aha' Moment

The saddest part of this experiment is that I'm suddenly finding duplication all over my closet- duplication I didn't know I had! For instance, the top I used above- I have a similar top that I could swap in for pretty much any of these outfits and not know much of a difference (shown below). 
It's a v-neck navy tank! I had no idea they were essentially two versions of the same thing. *doh* I could, knowing this, return my pretty navy tank pictured above. I don't think I will though, because the design is different enough that in the summer/when worn alone I think it'll be more apparent (the 1st tank has a split back that reveals a pretty pleated gauzy material). This itself wouldn't be so bad, however this top is NOT the only place/item I've done this with. My out-the-door wardrobe is only 89 items I think, and it's very unfortunate that I have the amount of duplication that I do.

This information is going to permanently alter my shopping habits here-out. While I already made TOO MANY purchases this month, including the tank (you'll hear about them soon enough, but as a teaser- I got ONE item I needed after not feeling the need to shop since October, and immediately my shopping compulsion reared its ugly head and I binged), I will evaluate those items based on my new knowledge. I furthermore will shop going forward only for true unique items for my wardrobe that will contribute to my outfit potential- NO MORE DUPLICATES. The plan is to do more outfit creations like I did above, and then identify consistent 'missing pieces' to shop for.


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