Friday, January 8, 2016

Real KonMari

What is KonMari?

KonMari is the method that Marie Kondo teaches to use to tidy your home and belongings. The method is very specific:

You cannot start until you visualize what you want and WHY until you get to the true reason
You must do this in the right order (Clothes, Books, Paper, etc)
You cannot KonMari other people's belongings without their participation- only do your own first
You must do all items by category, all at once, in a pile- any forgotten items later are to be discarded
You must TOUCH each individual item and ask yourself if it sparks joy
Discard anything that does not spark joy, unless it's something you MUST have
You cannot organize your belongings until you are done
When you are done, everything must have a home

My Tidying 'Festival'

I've done a lot of tidying, but I don't know that it's REALLY KonMari. I've used some of her principals but never truly followed the method. I'm a KonMari fraud! I never realized this until now. I never used the barometer of 'does this spark joy'- I just sorted mechanically like I always have. I never piled everything of a category into one big heap either.

I'm going to term everything I've done up until now 'pre-KonMari'. Because that's what it really was! I even posted some Before/After pictures. My living and dining room still looks almost exactly the same, and while I'm satisfied with them, I know I'm not done. I also know that the rest of the house, while it looks much better too, is very far from being done.

My Vision

The first step is to visualize what you want. If I'm going to re-do what I have done the right way, then I have to start here.

This was my first attempt, done last September: "I want to feel more connected to people and my family. I want to feel better about myself, reduce my anger/stress, stop my shopping compulsion, and improve my efficiency at work. I want to raise my daughter the way I envisioned. I want my husband and I to have more time and to enjoy our passions." While I still agree with my mission statement, I think I can do better still. 

In her new book, Spark Joy, Marie teaches to picture what you'd want your house to look like- your dream home. No holding back. If that's the case, then my home would be very different. I would have everything really open and bright, light colors in light blues/grays/pure white, with deeper blues and tans/golds for accent. Beautiful decor that really sparks joy, but sparingly. Modern-ish and elegant and clean with some glamour thrown in. A beautiful mirror, framed paintings and pictures hung just perfectly. Sparing furniture, but each piece lovely and functional. I would even own a different home, because the layout and construction of my current home are not what I'd ideally have, and I want to own a farm one day. Marie teaches that you must care for and love the home you are in and your belongings like you would your dream home, and that it will come to you. So that is what I will do.

The Right Order

Now that I have my vision, I have to start in the right place- MY clothing. I'll do a follow up post on that, but I'll confess- I don't really want to do it. I keep my closet in pretty good shape, so in a way I feel like this may be a pointless exercise. Famous last words?

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