Tuesday, February 23, 2016

WIW 02-23-16

Top, Shoes, Necklace- WHBM, Tank-Soma, Pants- Express

Simple again. A bit rumpled since I've been at work all day. It's not been a good day,

Monday, February 22, 2016

WIW 02-22-16

Top- NY&Co, Cami(can't see)- Soma, Pants- Express, Shoes- Clarks

I wish this picture was easier to see. The pants are a grey pinstripe, the shoes burgundy, the scarf a purple black and burgundy print with white and lime green. I also have long dangly earrings on you can't see. I straightened my hair, which I don't usually do.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Outfits II

In a previous post, I wrote about how I was inspired to put together outfits after taking a style course by Bridgette Raes.

So... I put together some more outfits, again focusing on getting a variety of looks.

The following outfits were designed around my cobalt blue dress pants, which I had never worn (purchased 4+ months ago) but replaced a pair in the same color that I did wear but had gotten too small. After creating these outfits, I've worn them twice already!

I think I need to do this exercise more often, especially when I'm feeling like I have 'nothing' to wear. It really does help, and it's handy to look at and pick an outfit when I'm feeling uninspired.

The Outfits

WIW 02-19-16

Top, Jacket, Jeans, Necklace- WhiteHouseBlackMarket, Shoes- Isola

TGIF! I'm not 100% sold on this necklace with this top, but overall I like the outfit. Happy Friday everyone.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

WIW 02-18-16

Sweater- Anthropologie, Tank (can't see)- Soma, Pants- Express, Shoes & Necklace- WhiteHouseBlackMarket

So this is what I wore today, another simple outfit. It would have been boring if it weren't for the shoes and necklace. I learned this trick from following Bridgette Raes style blog. Overall I like this outfit, it's less tight than the last one and therefore I feel a little more confident! These pants are magic in that they work well with both my tall and my shorter heels, somehow they always look good. Wish all pants were like that! You can't see my pretty earrings in this picture, but they're long gold earrings (see picture below). They help a lot with the overall outfit!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WIW 02-17-16

Cami- Soma, Pants- Express, Blouse- Loft, Necklace- WhiteHouseBlackMarket, Shoes- Isola

So here's what I'm wearing today, bonus points for awkward posing. Nothing too special about it, but I liked the color combo. I typically don't like black pants with nude shoes, but this 'works' for me. I also was considering donating this blouse because of the color, but this outfit made me reconsider that. I think it works well for me shape-wise, and the color issue is mitigated when I remember to make it high-contrast with the bottom I choose. Last time I wore this blouse, I wore it with lighter grey pants and I didn't feel myself.

I've gained a bit of weight lately (10 more lbs, putting me at +20 since having my child 3 years ago) and finally started working out again this past Monday, so please excuse the tight fit of my clothing! My goal is to lose 10-15 lbs, but more importantly to get more physically healthy. My workout routine (have done this before with excellent results, too bad I stopped after about 6 weeks) is the following:

Mon, Wed, Fri: 15-20 minutes of zumba on my wii. Exercise challenges: Butt, Abs, Thighs, Waist, Arms. Stretch Challenges: Splits and Stretches. Total of 45 minutes tops (I get faster as I get stronger, so even though I add more each day, it takes about the same amount of time). You may notice that the stretch challenges are only one pose a day (I hold as long as possible, but 1 minute tops I think)- but I'm trying to gradually build up and accomplish the goal by doing the one from the day before, and then adding the one before that. The exercise challenges also gradually build up. I wanted to point out that I add weights (2 dumbbells, 3lbs) to the arm exercises and, when I'm stronger, will add ankle weights to the leg exercises (I think they're 3lbs each too). 

Tue, Thur: 15-20 minutes of zumba on my wii. Exercise challenges: Butt, AbsThighsWaistArms4 minute workout. Stretch Challenges: Splits and Stretches. Total of 50 minutes tops. A note about the 4 minute workout- I started with only doing 1/2 of it and again gradually building up. 

Sat: Exercise challenges: Butt, AbsThighsWaistArms4 minute workout. Stretch Challenges: Splits and Stretches. Total of 25 minutes tops. If I feel like it, I'll add Zumba, but the weekend is supposed to be more 'rest'. I'm continuing the challenges only because I want fast results and will stick to the 30-day program.

Sun: Exercise challengess: Butt, AbsThighsWaistArms. Stretch Challenges: Splits and Stretches. Total of 20 minutes tops.

This will change after the first 30 days (through March 15th), because by then I'll be much stronger and able to keep up with more rigorous exercises, but also likely I will only do it 3-4 times a week. The point is I want immediate results in the short term, then will work to maintain and continue to improve over a longer-term goal. For instance, I will continue Zumba but in longer stretches (working my way up to 30 minutes) and adding in other workouts from Blogilates.com. I don't want to become so obsessed that I feel the need to do this every day, but also don't want to stop and go through what I did before (lose the hard-earned muscle tone, gain weight, and have to start over!). I don't want to gain a lot of muscle mass either- more tone than anything.

Well, sorry for the long run-on post! Have a great day!

Monday, February 8, 2016

January 2016 Wardrobe Post

Mindfully Acquiring

I've decided to go back to posting about my monthly purchases and purges for all categories. I hope to do all of my purchases from the KonMari frame of mind- to only acquire items that spark joy. I want to be mindful about all of my purchases, and not buy things on impulse that may only serve that momentary 'rush' rather than a longer-term feeling of joy. I hope not to bring in anything I don't truly use and love.

What was brought in (Accessories)
Added: 3 items, $143.14
Discarded: 25 items

Black Pumps (Clarks), $79.99
I've really been needing black pumps for many months. These were an excellent buy and I am very, very happy with the fit and comfort. 10/10
WHBM Gold Tassel Necklace, $43.43 (was $55)
I bought this necklace primarily because I've been looking for a replacement to the gold tassel necklace I had that broke (wore it all summer!). This one looks lovely and I love the scale. 9/10
WHBM Blue Stone Necklace, $19.72 (was $50)
I bought this one, again, to replace a necklace. I own a pretty blue stone necklace, but it's really showing signs of wear now and I'm getting to the point that it needs to be replaced. I did not purge the other necklace yet, though. 10/10

Overall, I think this area of my wardrobe needs some help. I need more variety (and yes, I'm guilty of buying TWO gold and blue necklaces this month) in color. I purged 25 items in January from my accessories and shoes during my KonMari session (30% of total).

What was brought in (Out-the-Door)
Added: 7 items, $360.08
Discarded: 21 items

WHBM Navy Tank $58.92 (was $78)
This tank is very similar to a silk top I bought twice last year. The first one got ruined and I re-purchased it, I loved it so much. The second died due to wear very quickly. This top is the same shape but a much better material (soft and silky to boot!). 9/10
Express Tweed Editor Pants $67.91 (was $79.90)
I ordered these pants because I'm sick of the ill-fitting ones (grey pinstripe) ones I own currently. 10/10
Express Grey Columnist Pants $33.91 (was $69.90)
I ordered these pants because I dislike the light grey wide-legged pants that I own currently. They're not ideal for my body shape, so the thought was that these would replace them as a light neutral. When I got them I was even more pleased- they're in between a khaki and a grey, which is a great color and a better alternative than just another pair of grey pants. 9/10
Express Geometric Top $38.16 (was $44.90)
I liked this top because the print is right up my ally with the cobalt blue and black. It's easy and will work well for both weekend and the office. 9.5/10
Express Floral Top $38.16 (was $44.90)
I went for this top because it had a nice print that combined some nice colors, but I also thought the shape could be better for wearing to work when it's hot since it has a nice collar. 10/10
Soma Dress $56.56 (was $69)
I fell in love with the print and shape of this dress. It's a super soft and light material and will be wonderful when it's hot. 10/10
WHBM Printed Cardigan $66.46 (was $88)
I've been loving this cardigan for months now. It's my favorite color, a great print, and a zip-up rather than button up! I only have 3 printed cardigans, and none in this color-way, and zero zipper cardigans. I've already worn this cardigan and really love it. 10/10

I discarded 20 items of clothing during my KonMari session (19%) and additionally discarded 1 pair of slacks because one of the new items replaced them (will do another purge once I've gotten some results from working out, right now I'm very puffy and have gained several pounds and a lot of things don't fit well). I was going to discard a sleeveless blouse that is very billowy (but pretty!), but found that it will be very useful when/if I get pregnant again, since it has enough room to use until probably 6 months along.

What was brought in (Lounge)
Added: 2 items, $68.81
Discarded: 39 items

Soma Sleep Top $34.44 (was $42)
I've been wanting some easy soft pajamas that weren't too warm, so this top and the pants I chose were perfect. Very happy with them.
Soma Sleep Pant $34.37 (was $42)
These, again, are great pajamas.

I purged 39 lounge items in January, which is 35% of the total.


I found that once I started shopping for myself (I hadn't since last October), it was hard to stop. I really tend to binge when I shop, and it's a cycle that is really beginning to sicken me. I like everything I bought, but I bought too quickly. The over-shopping extended into the 1st week of February so you'll see more of the same next month :(

For the amount of times I've been through this, I don't have any answers. I'm going to try to focus on other things, but I don't know how to prevent another binge in say a few months. It's a struggle for me. Stress is definitely a trigger, but I cannot avoid stress so I need to find other ways to deal with it!

2016 Totals

Total Spent: $572.03

Total Items Acquired: 12

Total Items Discarded: 85 (-73 net for the year)