Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WIW 02-17-16

Cami- Soma, Pants- Express, Blouse- Loft, Necklace- WhiteHouseBlackMarket, Shoes- Isola

So here's what I'm wearing today, bonus points for awkward posing. Nothing too special about it, but I liked the color combo. I typically don't like black pants with nude shoes, but this 'works' for me. I also was considering donating this blouse because of the color, but this outfit made me reconsider that. I think it works well for me shape-wise, and the color issue is mitigated when I remember to make it high-contrast with the bottom I choose. Last time I wore this blouse, I wore it with lighter grey pants and I didn't feel myself.

I've gained a bit of weight lately (10 more lbs, putting me at +20 since having my child 3 years ago) and finally started working out again this past Monday, so please excuse the tight fit of my clothing! My goal is to lose 10-15 lbs, but more importantly to get more physically healthy. My workout routine (have done this before with excellent results, too bad I stopped after about 6 weeks) is the following:

Mon, Wed, Fri: 15-20 minutes of zumba on my wii. Exercise challenges: Butt, Abs, Thighs, Waist, Arms. Stretch Challenges: Splits and Stretches. Total of 45 minutes tops (I get faster as I get stronger, so even though I add more each day, it takes about the same amount of time). You may notice that the stretch challenges are only one pose a day (I hold as long as possible, but 1 minute tops I think)- but I'm trying to gradually build up and accomplish the goal by doing the one from the day before, and then adding the one before that. The exercise challenges also gradually build up. I wanted to point out that I add weights (2 dumbbells, 3lbs) to the arm exercises and, when I'm stronger, will add ankle weights to the leg exercises (I think they're 3lbs each too). 

Tue, Thur: 15-20 minutes of zumba on my wii. Exercise challenges: Butt, AbsThighsWaistArms4 minute workout. Stretch Challenges: Splits and Stretches. Total of 50 minutes tops. A note about the 4 minute workout- I started with only doing 1/2 of it and again gradually building up. 

Sat: Exercise challenges: Butt, AbsThighsWaistArms4 minute workout. Stretch Challenges: Splits and Stretches. Total of 25 minutes tops. If I feel like it, I'll add Zumba, but the weekend is supposed to be more 'rest'. I'm continuing the challenges only because I want fast results and will stick to the 30-day program.

Sun: Exercise challengess: Butt, AbsThighsWaistArms. Stretch Challenges: Splits and Stretches. Total of 20 minutes tops.

This will change after the first 30 days (through March 15th), because by then I'll be much stronger and able to keep up with more rigorous exercises, but also likely I will only do it 3-4 times a week. The point is I want immediate results in the short term, then will work to maintain and continue to improve over a longer-term goal. For instance, I will continue Zumba but in longer stretches (working my way up to 30 minutes) and adding in other workouts from I don't want to become so obsessed that I feel the need to do this every day, but also don't want to stop and go through what I did before (lose the hard-earned muscle tone, gain weight, and have to start over!). I don't want to gain a lot of muscle mass either- more tone than anything.

Well, sorry for the long run-on post! Have a great day!

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