Friday, July 15, 2016

OOTD 7/15/16

Hello! Here'as a casual Friday outfit. I actually really loved this one, but it didn't photograph quite as nicely as I think it looks in person. Who would have thought I'd be loving white jeans again? I've struggled over keeping this top and now I'm glad I did.

I'll have more posts soon about the status of my wardrobe and other closet-related endeavors I've been up to lately. One thing I wanted to mention was shopping compulsion. I'd been doing very well up until recently again, and I thought about the reasons WHY I've been shopping more again. I found one key factor that I didn't expect at all. I started a new job 3 months ago, and I LOVE it. I do have one small issue I try to ignore or not care about- my main coworkers (all people I know and have worked with in the past) are all friends, and I am NOT one of them. I don't know if they mean to make it so obvious, but I've struggled not to feel 'left out'. For instance, this past week a coworker had a birthday and cupcakes were given out. I was not invited. They go to lunch together frequently, but I am never invited along. A coworker's last day lunch was had, but again I was not invited. In perspective, it's not a big deal and I shouldn't care. They are all friends and have worked together for years as well as see each other outside of work. I don't even want to be close friends with them! I just want to feel more like a part of the team. But, they chat with each other and socialize but I am never talked to unless it's work-related and it's a bit lonely being strictly work only. I think I was shopping to compensate- in a weird way, I think I thought subconsciously that if I looked a certain way they'd want to be more friendly with me?! Obviously this makes no legitimate sense. I'm not sure how to deal with my emotions but shopping isn't the answer.

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