Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Year of Intentional Shopping Part III- Household Items

Just a little background for those who didn’t read my first post on this- the idea is that from August 10th 2016 to August 10th 2017, I will begin an experiment designed to change how I approach all purchases that I make. I feel that I can be too wasteful and haphazard about my shopping in general. Going forward, I want all of my purchases to be made intentionally. This will encompass all purchases that I make for myself and my family- food, toiletries, and of course clothing.

I’ve talked about wardrobes here and how I plan to purchase food intentionally going forward here. Today, let’s talk about household items.

99.9% of my purchases can be divided into these few categories: Wardrobe, Food, Household, Gifts, and Craft Supplies. Again, I buy everything for my family, including gifts, excepting the few purchases my husband makes (sports equipment, shoes, tools, his wardrobe unless I buy for him which is rare). Household purchases fall into a few sub-categories. 


We have things like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, dish soap, shampoo, toothpaste, medication, deodorant, etc that fall into ‘Consumables’. When I think about this category and how I typically shop, I think this is my least problematic category. I don’t buy any of these things for fun, and only ever buy them when I’m running out. That being said, I do recognize that sometimes I’ve thought I was running low on an item and bought it, only to find I still had a backup of the item and now had two. This usually isn’t an issue because all of said items are used in time.

Personal Products

Another category is ‘Personal Products’, which contains makeup, hair products, lotions, and other items that are a little easier to buy too many of. I’m particularly guilty of trying new hair products, hoping to find a new miracle solution. This leads to a buildup of bottles of stuff I don’t even like that just take up space.

Home Goods

The last category is ‘Home Goods’ such as rugs, curtains, pillows, sheets, and decorative items. This is my most neglected category and I’d like to make it more of a priority when shopping. Instead of wasting $ on things, I’d like to buy nice curtains for my home, for example. Other large purchases are also needed- especially a new couch. I also love to decorate for Christmas, and I spent a bit on new decorations last year- and loved it. This year I’d like to do more DIY items and reuse what I bought.

So the rules are as follows:

  • Make-do when possible before deciding I’m almost out of an item
  • If I truly hate the item I’m trying to make do with, then throw it OUT instead of having it just hang out
  • Check to ensure I don’t have a backup bottle/package of items before buying a new item (add to list)
  • Only shop using a list (add to grocery list usually)
  • Identify my priorities in purchasing for my home goods and shop in order of priorities as I can. Add these priorities to shopping lists when I can afford them.

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