Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Year of Intentional Shopping Part V: Craft Supplies

Just a note- this post will go live on my 29th birthday woohoo!

Just a little background for those who didn’t read my first post on this- the idea is that from August 10th 2016 to August 10th 2017, I will begin an experiment designed to change how I approach all purchases that I make. I feel that I can be too wasteful and haphazard about my shopping in general. Going forward, I want all of my purchases to be made intentionally. This will encompass all purchases that I make for myself and my family- food, toiletries, and of course clothing.

I’ve talked about gifts here, household items here, wardrobes here, and how I plan to purchase food intentionally going forward here. Today, let’s talk about Craft Supplies.

Craft Supplies are another of my weakness, right behind wardrobe acquisitions.  You can see some of my scrapbook work from last year hereherehere and here. I'll hopefully post more recent ones soon.

I’ve had binge behavior on my shopping for craft items, similar to shopping for my wardrobe. I don’t spend as much on this category, but I bet in 2015 I spent close to $1000 if not (hopefully not) more. I have a lovely little craft room that is well stocked in a lot of items, more than I can probably use if I’m honest. Scrapbook paper and embellishments are a particular weakness for me. I’ve gotten more selective and picky as time goes on and as I’ve had more available funds to spend. My scrapbook pages are complicated and have lots of embellishments and elements. I don’t like to make do- I have an ‘artistic vision’ if you will, and I feel like I need everything to be exactly the way I want it. I overbuy because not everything I have fits my ‘style’ now and I worry about not having that perfect embellishment- much like I do for my wardrobe, funny enough. BUT- I am very creative. I know I can make better use of what I have and be perfectly happy, even if it’s not as easy to do and takes longer.

When I think deeper about the purchases I have made and why, I can pinpoint a few things. Typically, my over-shopping is triggered by browsing amazing sites such as or, which have new products every day. In particular, when I see the new lines I like or one-day sales (which can sell out quickly), I try to snap them up before they’re sold out. This is because I’m afraid I’ll miss out (good old FOMO). I also tend to buy two of the same item if I really love it, because I’m afraid I’ll run out! This is pretty silly, when I reflect on it. The stores will never run out of beautiful things to buy, and I think I might never run out of paper just by looking at what I have! I don’t just buy for scrapbooking—recently (spring) I had really gotten into planning and planners, and I overbought for that new endeavor as well. The sad part is that I don’t have enough time to sit down and do what I want- make things, scrapbook, decorate my planner or even use it lately. It’s funny how I can always find time to buy something online though.

I don’t want to ban myself from buying craft products, much like my wardrobe. I love experimenting and evolving. I also do have needs occasionally, such as adhesive- a true necessity when I’m out. What I do need to do is to set reasonable limits and reduce my browsing for pretty things. If I don’t see it, I don’t suddenly want or need it, do I?

So here are the new rules pertaining to shopping for crafts:
  • Spend no more than $500 a year (necessary adhesive does not count) on all craft supplies
  • Review what I have prior to purchasing
  • Create a list of wants and needs, shop only from that list
  • Do not buy duplicates of whole kits. I can buy duplicates of particular pages or elements.
  • Challenge myself to use what I have instead of purchasing
  • Post my purchases monthly for accountability

Thinking about this, I’ve realized how FOMO and browsing has affected my wardrobe acquisitions as well. I’ll need to update my shopping rules and write a little more about this in another post before this one gets too long. I’m thinking I’ll post a summary of my year of intentional shopping with updated rules for each category. As I analyzed each category of shopping, I’ve found similarities and ideas/rules that should be applied to other categories.

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