Friday, August 12, 2016

Challenge Start, with a BANG

I wanted to write about my experience on my 1st day of the challenge.

On my very first day, I struck out. I spent $0.85 on a bag of pretzels (I know, it's not much- but it's the SPIRIT of this challenge that matters).The good? Only 180 calories and didn’t ruin my dinner. The bad? I could have prevented the expense had I brought ONE more snack with me to work. I am always hungry in the late afternoon and have to go pick up my daughter from daycare and then go home and cook dinner- waiting that long to eat is hard for me. What did I learn? Bring some snacks to leave at my desk just in case what I bring doesn’t hold me over, and put 1 extra item in my lunch bag! Anyway, the next day I made sure I brought the extra snacks to keep and my desk + 1 extra snack for the day.

Additionally, when I got home that day, guess what was on my doorstep? My stitchfix shipment! I ordered it quite some time ago (and paid the $20 style the previous week), but technically these items were NOT purchased yet. So this was my first (and unexpectedly fast) trial by fire. My shipment was 3 tops, 1 cardigan, and a skirt. Immediately upon opening it, I knew it wasn’t going to be like my last shipment where I kept it all. I tried each item on dutifully and found two contenders, a black asymmetrical zip cardigan/sweater, and a black knit top with cutout shoulders and a sheer neckline I liked. The other two tops and the skirt were easy no’s. I then took out my checklist (see this post) that I created to use when I want to purchase anything to add to my wardrobe and reviewed my two remaining items against it. Here’s my answers for reference:

Black Top, Cutout Shoulders & sheer mesh detail
Do I need this? No.
a.      Is this something very special/ do you really love it and therefore it deserves an exemption? No.
I likely would have kept this top without my checklist!

Black Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan
Do I need this? I do ‘need‘ layering pieces, sweaters, and long-sleeved options for fall. I also have wanted an alternative to the typical cardigan (which I have many dups of)
Does this duplicate something I already own in another color/similar style? Nope
Do I already own something I would choose over this item for the occasion I’m purchasing it for/Would this split the wears of something else I own? No
 Will it be used often enough to justify the purchase? I think so!
Can you think of at least 3 outfits you can wear with this? Yes.
Does this item fit perfectly? Yes
Is this item the perfect color or print for me and my body/coloring? Yes
Is the style of this item flattering on my body? Yes
Can I afford to buy this item right now, not using credit? Just barely, but yes.
Do I have any doubts about how honestly I answered the above questions, or about the item itself? No.

I was more cautious about this piece before my checklist, but after going through it I ended up feeling much more positive about it. I likely would have purchased both without the checklist, unexpectedly loving the sweater and regretting the top! I now have one official purchase towards my wardrobe, which I’ll post about monthly (every mid-month since this is 10th-10th).

As a side note, my checklist going forward will have a few changes. I’ve encountered a few things I need to add to it after posting about it in Debbie Roe’s closed facebook group, End ClosetChaos. These are: a question about my emotional state, another on the quality of the item in question, and an addition about how I’ll be using it to the usage question for starters.

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