Monday, August 29, 2016

Shopping List Month 1

As part of my year of intentional shopping, the plan is to shop almost exclusively from a list. While my grocery list will be pretty boring to share, I thought you'd enjoy my preliminary list for the rest of things I'd like to buy. Items crossed off have been purchased already.

Boxes (Shoes, craft room, bathroom)
New velvet slim clothing hangers (replace all hangers)
New curtains for the living room and kitchen

New Canvas to replace broken one

Winter Boots
(must review wardrobe before determining further needs)

Ankle Boots (on order)
Knee-high Cognac Boots
Winter Boots
~2 Sweaters for fall/winter
Dresses or skirts that work with tights
Bright heels (raspberry)
(must review wardrobe before determining further needs)


Gift for my niece (8th Birthday)
  • Already purchased two bottoms for her prior to my new year of intentional shopping. I'd like to get her a couple more items since her birthday gifts are usually also back-to-school clothing for her, such as a top, sweater, and jacket.

A gift for my husband (birthday)

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