Monday, August 22, 2016

Summary ‘Year of Intentional Shopping’

As I’ve gone through each category of purchases I’ve found a lot of rules that should be applied to all categories. I’ve decided to do an easy brief summary of all my rules and update them. I’ve also set a budget in place for every category so that I have some guidelines and in all cases, a goal to spend less than the budget I set.

The overall idea is that when I spend $ on anything, be it a packaged item in the vending machine or expensive winter boots, every cent I part with must be intentional.

Summary of the Rules:
  • Post about all purchases for accountability monthly and how I’m doing with my budgets.
  • Use what I already have whenever possible and review regularly what I have/plan ahead
  • Check what I have before buying to make a list, and shop using a list whenever possible.
  • Follow my yearly budget/item limits where applicable:
      • $2500/year on my wardrobe- 26 at home and 26 out the door items maximum
      • $500/year on my daughter’s wardrobe
      • $500/year on craft items
      • $250/year on miscellany (new)
      • $1200/year on household items (new)
      • $400 on groceries and toiletries/consumables  a month target (new)
      • $125 on eating out per month or $1500 yearly (new)
      • $1000 on gifts for the year (new)
Use challenges and checklists to keep me interested/spending low
  • New item Checklist for wardrobe purchases
  • Meal planning
  • Outfit / Wardrobe challenges
Additionally, I'd like to review and purge both my wardrobe and my daughter's wardrobe. The idea is to keep our wardrobes managable and minimal. So my goals are to:

  • Review & purge as needed both my wardrobe and my daughter's wardrobe
  • Inventory my wardrobe & post about it, update every 3 months
  • Inventory my daughter's wardrobe & post about it, update every 3 months
  • Post on monthly accountability posts all purges for both wardrobes

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