Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wardrobe Calculations

I conducted an experiment in calculating my ideal wardrobe size (things worn out of the home only), in detail but with as simple math as possible.

What I considered:
  • 52 weeks a year
  • I live in an area with 4 defined seasons
  • 4 weeks of vacation a year
  • 8 paid holidays a year
  • I don’t leave home every day

I then calculated out the amount of work days vs. non work days each season. Example:

Sept-Nov = Fall
  • Est. 3 holidays + 1 wk vacation
  • 57 work days, 28 weekend days
  • Estimate stay home days = 6 (I wear lounge clothing at home)

I then visited what my ideal outfits look like per week and calculated how many opportunities I had to wear each type of clothing item.

Typical outfits for week=
  • Work: Dresses 2/5x a week, toppers daily, trousers 3/5x a week, tops 3/5x a week.
  • Weekend: Dresses 0.5/wk and Jeans/tops the rest of the time

Work clothing= Have 22 opportunities for dresses or skirts/tops, 35 for trousers & tops, 57 opportunities for toppers

Casual clothing= Toppers 28x, Jeans/Tops 22x and Dresses 6x

I proceeded to calculate each season like the example above, considering how often I leave the house based on the season and what I typically wear.

These are my total opportunities to wear each item of clothing:

Work: 232 days/ outfits total
  • Dresses or Skirt/Tops, 90
  • Trousers: 142
  • Tops: 142
  • Toppers: 187

Casual: 119 days/ outfits total
  • Dresses or Skirt/Tops, 25
  • Jeans: 84
  • Tops: 84
  • Toppers: 84

To calculate how many items of each category I should own, I then divide the amount of opportunities I have for each category by how often I think an item should be worn each year.

Work: 232 days/ outfits total
  • Dresses or Skirt/Tops, 90 / 10 = 9
  • Trousers: 142/ 20 = 7
  • Tops: 142/10 = 14
  • Toppers: 187/15 = 12

Casual: 119 days/ outfits total
  • Dresses or Skirt/Tops, 25/10= 3
  • Jeans: 84/20= 8
  • Tops: 84/10= 8
  • Toppers: 84/15= 6

Or a total of 12 dresses or skirt/top combos, 7 trousers, 8 jeans, 22 tops, and 18 toppers. That's actually quite small when you consider cardigans, jackets, and blazers are all toppers. I didn't calculate actual outerwear- only outfit components.

Now, I've got to compare what my closet actually looks like vs. my calculated ideal and see where I fall!

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