Friday, September 16, 2016

A Thrifting Tale

I wanted to post this while I work on my accountability posts. I’ve been very busy with life and have not had adequate time to work on them!

So, any of you that already know me (or my blog at least) know that I never (or extremely rarely) thrift shop. I think I last thrifted 4+ years ago. It just so happens that this past Saturday, while visiting a music & food truck fest, a friend and I walked past the cutest little boutique and popped in to check it out. Would you believe, it was a Goodwill boutique?! It was teeny but well laid out and lovely. We both checked out the available products thoroughly, tried a bunch of things on, and walked out with 5 things each.

I'll share what I bought first, before talking through the 'sin' I committed.

I bought a top for $6.99 and three scarves for $2.99, $2.99, and $1.99 each. I also purchased a shelf for $5 for my daughter's room and forgot to snap a pic, but easily found it via Google:

Now, lets talk about what I bought. Clothing wise, I rarely wear scarves (but also own very few) and I purchased 3! Now, hang on a minute. These scarves were truly inexpensive additions that I can afford to experiment with, and are colors I love. One is a huge teal blanket-like scarf that is thick and warm, one is a narrow, lightweight,  teal-white-gray scarf, and the last one is a 'regular' little floral print in an aqua green with a fringe. They're all very different for scarves, and are very different from what I already own. As for the top, I loved loved loved the print and the fit was pretty awesome as well. They fit my checklists, excepting perhaps the 'do you need it' part. At this point most additions to my wardrobe, except winter boots, are not true 'needs'. I also have an item limit to contend with, and I realized that my 26 items over a year didn't adequately take into account accessories. I was envisioning 26 clothing and shoe items, not also jewelry and scarves! I also really enjoyed thrifting and can say that I've worn 2 of my four items already (and more than 1x) and think I made really good decisions. Going forward, I'd like to thrift more as time allows. This creates a sticky situation with my item limit, but not my budget.

For the time being, I am not increasing my item limit. I won't rule it out though-- I may perhaps set a separate limit for accessories or for thrifting vs. store-bought in general, but we shall see. I thought long and hard over this week about this, and I think thirfting is exactly right for me. I want to spend less and have less of an environmental impact. My item limit was set to make me think things through and to not let myself buy a bunch of sale items just because the cost was low. I can still thrift and think my purchases through so I don't add to the general 'clutter'! I want all my items to be useful and used, and this will still be a target for me. But, to put things plainly, I have made it 6 days into month 2 and have purchased 7 items for my wardrobe so far, which leaves me with 19 items left I can purchase for the rest of the year according to my limit. I set my limit arbitrarily- low enough to be a challenge, frequent enough to not feel too repressed. I want to see where this leads and stick to my limit for now.

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  1. Just last week I did a post on thrifting... You've got to do it at least once in your life :)
    I think you did really well at the thrift store, the scarves look real good and as you say its a cheap way to experiment new colors and styles.