Monday, September 19, 2016

Closet Update

I wanted to share with you what I’ve been doing with my closet lately. I was previously using those cheap white plastic hangers that are bulky, things slide off of, and to boot I have broken at least a dozen+ in the last year or so. I needed to start replacing them since I was running out, so instead I bought 50 new slim velvet hangers for myself to switch over to. I’ve been wanting these hangers for years but finally was able to justify purchasing them.

Now, I usually hang most of my wardrobe, so I had many more than just 50 hangers. I figured I’d buy another set of 20 and go from there at first, but then I was inspired by a video done by Jennifer Scott (from The DailyConnoisseur) of her closet, and the previous video of her choosing her 10-item wardrobe for the upcoming cool-weather ‘season’. She keeps all ‘out-of-season’ items in a bin in her closet (excepting formal wear and items that cannot be folded). I never used to rotate my wardrobe under the (mistaken) idea that I’d use more of my items if I had a wider selection. While it is true that many of my blouses are good for all-year round thanks to layering, it is also true that I have some items that really are only suited for a given season (cool weather or warm weather). These items hang there (or sit in a drawer) all year long but are only used for the few months of warm or cool weather. For example, things like my sandals, lightweight cropped trousers, shorts, tanks and tops that are not ideal of layering, and my lightweight eyelet jacket won't be used in the upcoming 6 months. I’ll see these items every day I open my closet, but they won’t get any wear and I’ll have to paw through them to find something I can wear.

So, after some thought, I’ve made the choice to ‘pack away’ all my items that are not going to work for the upcoming season rather than buy more hangers. They’re all very reachable, since I just decided to store them in a carry-on suitcase I store in my closet anyway. We’re still having unseasonable warm weather so I’m not against pulling out anything in the suitcase I want to use, and I’ve left out some items currently that will be packed away within another month. While I was doing this, I was re-hanging my clothing and throwing items I no longer want into another pile. I discarded a surprising amount for my small wardrobe, which I already purge a few times a year.  I found that I had enough hangers to hang tops I didn’t previously hang, such as my sweaters and wrap tops (cardigans and tanks are still folded). That drawer was over-full and now I am happy to see it in a much reduced state, and I can see ALL my options for tops in one spot. The drawer was often neglected and some tops in there were rarely worn because I forgot them.

My closet feels fresh and neat and clean, my drawers are not crammed any more, and I can easily see everything. I hope to get pictures soon and give you all a closet tour. I’m sure when I go to unpack my warm weather clothing again, I’ll be excited about them again rather than just staring at them all winter then feeling bored by them in the spring. Jennifer mentions that she feels this way when she goes to review her next season’s clothing for her ‘capsule’, and that it’s almost like having all new clothes. I hope I’ll have an update in the spring when I switch over, and I’m hoping it curbs that early spring shopping fever that hits me every year!

Do you rotate items in your closet? How often?

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  1. Its so good to see you're back !
    I don't rotate things from my closet because we just have two seasons: summer and rain - so I can pretty much wear anything at any time of the year.