Friday, September 2, 2016

Vacation Share Part I

I spent a week in Germany with family (8/24-8/31) and wanted to share some of the lovely places I visited. It'll be a three-part post, since I have too many pictures for just one single post! I took many, many pictures and will try to share only a few from each place we visited.

Wednesday 8/24/16- Thursday 8/25/16

Wednesday was a travel day, and Thursday morning we arrived there (8:30am their time/2:20am our time) My Aunt Maria and Uncle Hanz picked us up. Then we traveled several hours to my aunt's house in Pressath where we had lunch. I sat and read/tried to rest a little while my daughter played with my cousin's children and the rest of the family attended a funeral (my Uncle Hanz's brother). We had not slept on the plane (~13 hours total between 2 flights and short layover) and were exhausted (my daughter slept ~2 hours)- approx 32+ hours without sleeping.

Places we visited Friday 8/26/16

Das Labirynth in Luisenburg 

Burg Ruine in Waldeck

Places we visited Saturday 8/27/16

My Uncle Karl's home/ranch

Lourdes grotto in Waldsassen

Kappl in Waldsassen

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